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Infiltrating the Camarilla

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  • Infiltrating the Camarilla

    If a Risen wanted to infiltrate a small Camarilla city (a dozen vamps of mixed clans) what would be a good clan to pretend to be from?

    I was thinking Giovanni as they're not usually seen as hostile to Camarilla but what other choices could they manage?

    The Risen in question has a couple of Wealth cohorts to help them out but they are all inexperienced characters (max 30 xp) if it makes any difference.


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    I'd say Brujah. Risen can, technically, purchase the three Physical Disciplines of Celerity, Fortitude and Potence, two of which are in-Clan for the Brujah. Their Clan weakness isn't a visible thing outside of Frenzy, usually, so faking things would be easy. Add to that the Brujah sometimes eschewing lineage as an important part of who a Kindred is (unless they're Ventrue..), and you've got a decent case for a faux-Brujah who doesn't care to speak of their Sire. A Toreador or Ventrue might work well enough, both having "invisible" weaknesses and some aptitude for Physical Disciplines, but their attention to social interaction (and lineage for the Ventrue) might make faking it a lot more difficult.

    If you're operating in a city without a Scourge, where Caitiff aren't targeted for destruction, a Caitiff might be even more effective as a cover. They've no Clan weakness to fake, the Disciplines available to Risen can all be purchased equally by Caitiff, and any uses of Arcanoi that might strike Kindred as strange can, possibly, be played off as "Caitiff powers" due to Discipline Inception.

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      Aren't Risen candles burning at both ends? You know, they've bargained with their Shadow and they only have a limited time to do what they need to do. I think it would make for a great story, but only if the Wraith has a good reason to infiltrate the Camarilla.


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        >Aren't Risen candles burning at both ends?
        Hmmm, that's not how I'm choosing to play it in my campaign, as I am not following the orthodox Wraith lore very much, but thank you it's a good point for everyone else.

        Also leading on from the limited time aspect, said Risen is attempting a fairly 'quick' infiltration by posing as a 'passing vampire who is only in the city for a couple of weeks' but they are aware of some of the Camarilla rules such as new vampires having to present themselves to the local Prince and really just need enough of a cover to get away with that plus pumping a few other vamps for information.

        Oh and I hadn't thought of Caitiff - that's a pretty good excuse for not needing to demonstrate any special powers


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          A bloodline like Samedi, or Nosferatu or Caitiff.

          In my games the Camarilla extend membership to corporeal Undead if they accept it, with different cities having different opinions on the matter but in general Elysium is open to them.

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