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Shadow mechanics for Wr20

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  • Shadow mechanics for Wr20

    I'm planning on getting Wraith 20 this Christmas, but one thing I'm dying to know (no pun intended) is whether or not the mechanics have been updated/altered for how the shadow is handled in roleplaying. This is particularly relevant for me because I am trying to get my troupe to play Wraith and--assuming they are game for the setting which can at times be demoralizing--I know that the shadow-roleplaying can be off-putting or intrusive for many.

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    Can you get someone to help you by playing as Shadowguide for the all the other players? I've found it works well for newer folks.


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      The book offers a couple different options, including Deterministic Shadowguiding, where shadow interference is handled by the DM according to the shadows' angst ratings.


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        for most of my games, i allow the player to choice to either to start by rolling there permanent Will Power (Diff 6) to determine there starting Permanent Angst or start with 1 Permanent Angst and TA = to WP, this i have found gives the players enough rope to hang themselves with as they think "oh I only have a little Angst and this Arcani only gives a little more" so they dont manage there Angst as much and start down the road to Oblivion all the faster.