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Question about Passions (Wr20)

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  • Question about Passions (Wr20)

    What happens if a Wraith fulfills a Passion without resolving it?

    Example: Jane Doe has the Passion "Find love (Longing) 4". After searching for some time, she gets to know someone and they fall in love. What happens to the Passion in question?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't think this is ever actually answered, though I'd have to dig through my books to know for sure. I do think it is important to set the rules aside for a moment and look at what is narratively happening, though. Often that can give important insight into what should happen.

    In your example you include two very important elements. The first is that while the Passion Find Love can have a distinct end point, it doesn't have to. It doesn't specify romantic love, or love from a single person. It doesn't specify if love is the true goal or if the Wraith is longing to stop feeling something else. There are numerous ways that the character can find love and still keep the Passion.

    The second is there is a period of transition between not having love and having love. This is an excellent justification for transferring between two Passions. I myself am not against slowly changing the wordings of Passions if it makes dramatic sense, and it's not hard to see Find Love (Longing) become Be With My Love (Longing) become Be With My Love (Love). If you do feel that more should be involved in this, the transition period is also good justification for resolving the Passion and starting a new one.

    After all, losing a passion that way feels like a dick move.

    But let's go to a different example.

    Inigo Montoya has the Passion Kill the Six Fingered Man (Anger). After 20 years of searching he succeeds. What does he feel?

    Peace, possibly. Confusion definitely. And likely a lot of emptiness. The desire that drove him for 20 years, that drove him so hard he had to drink his pain away, that took the place of all the other things he could have done, all of it is gone in an instant. There's still Anger, but there's nothing to do with it. There's no goal left, nothing to draw on. The Passion is gone. How much harder does that hit a Wraith, for whom that Passion is his very essence and the only thing that keeps him pulling against Oblivion.

    Yeah, in that case I'd say that's a very good case for losing, and not resolving, a major Passion.

    And yes, that could transfer back to the Find Love (Longing) Passion too. Sure maybe this person has been developing a new passion about her new love, but the old longing was still important to her. If that longing had become the end for the Wraith- if she'd been using it to drive her continued existence- and she reaches for it and with sudden horror realizes that it's not as strong as it should be. What happens then?

    Yes, losing a passion that way is a pretty dick move, but Wraith is a bleak game where living with the pain may be safer than giving it up.

    What sounds right do you?

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