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question about a Texas Relic

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  • question about a Texas Relic

    watching King of the Hill reminded me of something.

    so this happened a few years back- Big Tex, the mascot of the Texas State fair caught fire and burned to his metal frame. my question is this- what sort of fun stuff happens in the ShadowLands because of this? what can the wraiths of Dallas do with a 55 foot tall cowboy statue? does somebody go stompy with a giant? did the specters get a siege weapon? are the words "HOWDY FOLKS WELCOME TO THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS" echoing through the lands?

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    Source of Pathos, maybe?

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      True Story: Big Texas was once a giant statue of Santa at a Christmas theme park. That is why his left arm is positioned like that, he was holding a bag of toys. So, maybe when it appears in the Shadowlands, it's as this giant Santa. Or a combo of Santa and cowboy.


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        Man this is why I want Wraith to have more then just human ghosts in the Underworld. I know we have Plasmics as a ex misc group but we need freedom to have giant flaming Cowboys in our Necropoli!

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