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  • Necropolis Chicago?

    So Wraith has been added to the Storyteller's Vault.
    I am interested in doing a book on the Shadowlands post-Six Maelstrom. This would be one that mostly ignored what Orpheus did with the setting, because utterly wiping out everything is dull.
    My idea is depicting Necropolis Chicago as a survivor state, picking up the pieces in a Post-Apolitical setting.
    Is anyone interested in collaborating on such a project?

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    • The setting will be very much "Future Fates," in the style of Mage20.
    • This will allow a sliding scale, from the "Sixth Maelstrom" has not happened, to "Orpheus happened."
    • It will nominally operate somewhere between the two, with the assumption The Sixth Maelstrom, but that while apocalyptic it is not destroy everyone and everything.
    • Necropolis Chicago is called "New Byzantium" by the local wraiths.
    • After the loss of Stygia, and the Sixth Maelstrom, the Shadowlands of Chicago community has a position analogous to Constantinople after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.
    • Not all of the wraiths present are comfortable with that idea, but there are story possibilities in that tension.
    • "New Byzantium" is making a go at being democratic. This will need support.
    • The Harbingers of Skulls are present in some capacity.