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    Originally posted by Trategos_Sol View Post

    Not to derail the topic too much, but I'd be interested to know what you like about Mummy 2nd ed over resurrection (I've never played any yet, so it interests me)
    The most important difference is in the two games theme and mood.

    Mummy the Resurrection is about responsibility and being the good guy, Balance being the most forced example of game mechanic that enforces that theme and makes any other play style difficult or impossible unless you give in to Apophis and join the Banemummies, and it’s mood is about duality and the contrast between the paradise promised by the Ma’at compared to the hell should Apophis get it’s way.

    Mummy 2nd editions theme is memory. It’s about the hardship of trying to process thousands of years of memories, what are facts and what are distorted memories. It’s about the heavy cost of immortality. Think about how clear are your memories of 10 years back? Or twenty? Further you go the hazier they get, now imagine hundred years? Most Mummies of 2nd edition, especially amongst the Shemsu-heru, are around 2000-4000 years old, just imagine how much they have experienced and how much have they forgotten. At this point it is becomes hard to cling to your very identity as it is muddled by thousands of years of memory. So Mummy 2nd is about memory, humanity and identity. Mood of the 2nd edition is about Mummies having been created for one mans war to avenge his fathers murder. Whether originally a scribe or architect, warrior or assassin, you are now part of, and soldier in, this eternal war for one man to avenge his father. It’s the grim reality of this war that erodes Mummies humanity and resolve and it is the one thing they cannot get away from.

    That is basically it I liked the theme of memory and the strugles of immortality over the themes of Balance and responsibility in Resurrection. Having fallen in love with Ancient Egypt since I visited Egypt as a kid long before I even knew of rpg’s I loved Mummy 2nd edition and the fact that in it you could play a person born and raised in Ancient Egypt who has gained immortality and strugles with it till these very days exited and inspired me. I was extatic to hear Mummy would get a new edition bringing it to revised era rules and I was devastated how much of a different game Resurrection was. Gone was the possibility to play an Ancient Egyptian immortal, in it’s stead we had modern people imbued with Ancient spirit shards that gave them power and immortality, gone was the strugles with memory as a theme replaced with Balance trait that defined these new immortals and basically made them all into something akin to lawfull good aligned paladins of certain old rpg’s. No longer was it a one mans war against the murderer of his father, which raised many good questions of morality and validity of Mummies existence and purpose, replaced with a clear struggle of good versus evil, of order vs chaos. Personally I just think it lost many of the things that made it an interesting and engaging game.

    But as always these are matters of personal opinion and likes. I loved the theme and mood of the 2nd edition and so that is my favored version of Mummy. But as always in these matters YMMV.


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      Thanks for all of the feedback. It is appreciated.
      I can't say what Possessed likes about 2nd Edition over Resurrection, but that's for him to answer. Personally, I prefer Resurrection, because it makes mummies more interesting, instead of angsty, miserable creatures with a "boo-hoo, I am immortal and suffer, oh, woe is me, my lost Humanity!" Seriously. We have Vampire for that. I always felt that the prior editions of Mummy felt like vampire with a pulse, whereas Resurrection is still set in the World of Darkness but presents hope as its primary theme, followed by redemption, responsibility, and second chances. In terms of what I like from prior editions, I absolutely love the spell components list that was in First Edition. I implement it in My games.
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        The other way to mesh Wr20 and MTR is to change the triggering event for the emergence of the new mummies.

        That could be a powerful Maelstrom that doesn't quite reach the heights of a Great Maelstrom, and/or which is localised over the Dark Kingdom of Sand. It could be as a response to the Abyss breaking open, which may also have had a different trigger (the Week of Nightmares could work, or the Evanescence of Changeling 20). It could even be retconned so that the new mummies arose during the *last* Great Maelstrom after WWII.

        I think the average Hierarch would likely be oblivious to the presence of mummies. The top brass might know, and monitor things, but I don't think they'd risk any outright hostilities with the Ferrymen, who protect the Dark Kingdom of Sand.

        Additionally, it's very possible someone like Charon or the Lady of Fate knows Anubis and about the existence of mummies, and that some treaty or agreement exists between all sides to avoid conflict.

        My own personal hack is to have the original mummies exist as rare and dwindling elders among a younger generation of new mummies, who were created for a slightly different purpose. Those elders find their resurrections are more unreliable, and when resurrection fails, they may instead bind with a new human host.

        I, too, was disappointed that mummies changed. With demons, they appear to be very similar to changelings, which started to feel a bit repetitive. Demons I can sort of understand, since possession is a trope there. Mummies, less so. The hsien are also pretty similar.
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