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Mages in the Shadowlands

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    The thing that always trips me up is that as other game lines treat the Shadowlands the same as the Penumbra, it raises the questions

    Can Mages who step sideways into the Shadowlands open doors, pick things up, etc? If they do, does it affect the Skinlands? If not, do they have Wraith ability to move incorporeally through things by spending... I guess health levels?

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      I would think that a Mage would have Corpus levels just like a Wraith, as they're theoretically transubstantiating the matter of their bodies into ephemera or ectoplasm when they step sideways. Definitely Euthanatos (and Itarajana?) who leave a body behind while projecting their spirits into the Shadowlands should be treated similarly to Wraiths, though they're apparently more vital and retain their ability to work magick.