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Outsiders poaching into the the soul Economy

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  • Outsiders poaching into the the soul Economy

    So a lot of times when I do games I tweak things, even major setting details, sometimes Whitewolfy games call these shards. Ethan Skemp if I recall backed this idea and said he always tweaked his games settings.

    But anywhoooo. So I have this idea I've played with during the Final Days things get a bit weird, and the boundaries of the Tellurian are a bit vulnerable and certain forces find it semipermeable. I've contemplated things like maybe their Forces from different Apocalypses in different Realities, and that each section of the Triat has a method of dipping into other Realities. Through the Wyld it used to touch into the fount of infinity, but it was sealed into itself after the age of legend. However we have the Deep Dreaming and perhaps the firstborn Fae were actually refugees from another world and in the Final Days some will become the Tuatha of another World.

    Stasis is the force least likely to cross the multiverse but the Weaver is the one who wove the Barrier between the worlds to begin with, and the farthest layers of the Pattern Web can reach into beyond. Perhaps the most crossover come from Simulated worlds, like perhaps the Mirrorzones and History Zones sometimes found in the Umbra. Perhaps Weaver methods touches most into Alternate histories and maybe is a consequence of Time Travel.

    And through the Wyrm's method if you go through the Hole in the Tellurian, the Abyss/Oblivion you can reach into what was before there was light. Much like the idea if you go through deeper into the dreaming you reach a more primordial or platonic level of Dream and thus can descend into a different world instead of the one you ascended one you can do this by going deeper into the concept of death, loss and oblivion and travel into another world through the concept. I've thought of it more with Chronicles of Darkness setting though and the Underworld there. Or just the simple idea you hop into the hole in the Universe and hop out somewhere else.

    But say some force comes through and starts appearing in the Underworld. I'm thinking they try to pull a whole deal with the devil type situation and are trying to poach souls from this universe. Like souls are the ultimate currency to them, and so they go into the Underworld and try to obtain Obols or just Wraiths or Spectres themselves.

    I'm thinking the Fishers would be a good front to obtain souls, in some weird human trafficking method. They usually obtain things through deals, what they view as legal methods. I'm seeing these beings as the ones who use the Inquisitors mentioned in the book of the Wyrm, those faceless blokes who drain your memories, they use them maybe as early intel. And the Outsiders upon scouting the World of Darkness have inroads into Malfeas but they find too much competition there. They did learn a lot about cults through Malfean embassies however. And in the Material world they do may pacts for souls, but they find too many things can go wrong and once again too much competition, so they invest less effort on the living side of things. But in the Underworld they have found a perfect sweet spot. First they already have a soul economy which is a big deal for them as the infrastructure and language is already there. And second after the final Maelstrom things are chaotic and its the perfect time to pop in from different angles without having to worry about being cracked down so much by the federals. And they figure even if they do get into skirmishes they are much more agreeable skirmishes, because there are millions of Ghosts, but on the Mortal side of things there are Billions of people and potent supernaturals who could get in the way as well as natural competition for souls, like other demons. But to them the Underworld is like the Wild West and they don't have to worry so much about both poaching souls, and in actuality they have an existing market to trade for souls. Maybe giving knowledge and dark aid to certain choice Wraiths or Spectres in exchange for Obols or prisoners of war.

    To represent their powers I'm thinking more of a Cthulhu mythos style thematic for them, and they would be represented by such beings already mentioned in Mage. Mage is the gameline that seems to most talk about such beyonder types, like what was the name of that Walker of the Outer Darkness or whatever being that represented the Darkness outside the universe, I think they said it was last scene in the material world during the Black Plague.

    But I don't know I was just thinking about this idea when watching WebDMs and how D&D has Devils and a Soul economy that traverses multiple universe, and that got me thinking of the Cheiron group in Hunter the Vigil.

    So how much could they get away with bartering for souls in the different Dark Kingdoms? I'm thinking they may not be super obvious what they are, and to some wraiths they might just think they are strange ghosts, or those that know more about them may take them for Demonic Plasmics. But even if it was illegal to sell souls to weirdoes from beyond, and that isn't a necessary given, there are always those who could be found willing to break the taboo for profit.

    I'm thinking the two methodologies are they either go with quantity when buying souls from an individual who is selling Obols or Thralls as they view it as the Ultimate Resource or the act of corrupting someone into selling their own soul produces its own unique benefit for them and is the optimal way for them to harvest a soul but may not be the most efficient way time and resource wise.

    Perhaps they would be a good subject to have been involved with the downfall of the Giovanni. Perhaps someone agreed to give them the bottled Nest Egg of souls Uncle Auggy is hoarding for his Final Night plan, and in exchange, they backed a coup against the clan.

    Just brainstorming ideas, and I would be curious if anyone else has any. I just thought it would be a good colorful way to insert mysterious antagonists for a number of gamelines, but it has the most to do with Wraith from this pitch.