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Wraith post the 6th Great Maelstrom

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  • Wraith post the 6th Great Maelstrom

    What would you want from a Wraith the Oblivion set after the 6th Great Maelstrom?

    And assume Orpheus is wrong, and not everything in the Shadowland is utterly destroyed.

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    I've talked about this in other threads...but definitely quadruple down on necropoli as border/frontier towns.

    That now they're cut off from their Dark Kingdoms, forced to fend for themselves. Either desperately trying to reconnect with their home Dark Kingdoms, or fending for themselves. Have it be a conflict where the local factions ask if they need their parent Dark Kingdoms anymore.


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      I ask because I may write one of those campaign jump starts available at the Vault, and set it after the 6th. The work will not be too deep - I've not go the time for anything too long or complicated - but it should have some possibilities.


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        What would you want from a Wraith jump start book, one set after the 6th Maelstrom?


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          Chaos everywhere. The NON Shadow Eaten in the minority. Pockets of Wraiths just trying to survive. The Tempest bleeding into the Shadowlands warping the surrounding area. Also, there would be Demons running around looking for bodies to possess as well.