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Advice to pull off an Elder Scrolls homebrew version of Wraith?

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  • Advice to pull off an Elder Scrolls homebrew version of Wraith?

    Okay so hear me out. I'm planning on starting a game where the character is a newly dead inhabitant of Nirn.
    I've got somethings working in my head already. The Shadowlands are now the "Shadelands". The Tempest is the Void aka the all-encompassing of Sithis itself. Instead of Spectres, the Grue are the servants of Sithis who wish to feed their eternal master. Planes of Oblivion unlike the Shadelands make the Ghost character corporal and Daedra can see ghosts as they are innately spiritual beings. Shadows of a Ghost are now called Padmock, who are the sundering whispers of the Void.

    Unlike the Tempest in regular Wraith, the Void can be traversed by any spirits, but it is filled with Grue, recently felled Daedra, and other beasts. Only the most powerful ghosts traverse the void alone, but most Ghosts have parties that accompany them to other Planes. Transcendence sends the fulfilled Ghost to Aetherium. Instead of Arcanoi, Ghost abilities are called Geists- the spiritual arts Ghostly entities. Basically "Arcanoi" of WTO modified a bit to more fit the setting of TES. Also Ghosts, like almost all entities in Aurbis can use magicka or Mana. Pathos remains the same.

    These are the general things I have thought of, but can any advice be given to pull this off? Also finetoon suggestions are also greatly welcomed.

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    Make the Princes Daedra a form of alternative to the (probably) difficultly unreachable aetherius and the all devouring sithis. Some daedric planes are not horrible places per se and selling one's fate to such prince would be better than a THE END fate. The different planes of Oblivion could have a role similar to the Far Shores in wraith, with some ghosts seeking the beauty of the plane of Asura or the knowledge of Apocrypha.

    As the existence of ghosts is a known fact on Nirn, you can ditch the whole Dictum Mortis. You can replace it with an ensemble of kingdoms with different traditions on how to interact with the living.

    Make necromancers a big part of the setting, they are far more important in tamriel than in the world of darkness.

    Rather than a shadow whispering in the ear of the ghost, make sithis, the daedras and their servants whisper to the characters, trying to bride them into Oblivion or the Void.

    Search the traditions of the people of Tamriel about the dead, like the "ghosthouses" of dunmer's families or the cairns of skyrim, and try to adapt them with the dead countries matching them. For exemple, the dead of morrowing may be extremely territorial and familial based, mirroring their quick family, and the dead of skyrim may be both old and recently raised from the cairns and re enacting age old battles, etc...

    Don't simply make "stygias", dead kindgoms hiding from the living. in tamriel, most important groups should have an influence over their dead. The Empire would probably have a collegium of the dead, if only to have ethereal agents to gain footholds in other planes and the Talmeri Dominion would not let something as close as the dead land exist of their countries without governance.


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      Thanks for the advice.

      I'll keep the Padmocki as whispers of the Void. Dictuum Mortis is definitely out the window already. Kingdoms will also intensively varied. Also With the various other spiritual entities beside Ghosts that can be used for currency, the use of slavery will be entirely different aswell. Bound Weaponry, Daedric, and Spectral gear will be more plentiful aswell instead of the Relic system too. Your idea about how different parts of Tamriel will interact with the dead is very interesting to me, I didn't think of that. Necromancers and other beings on Mundus can play an impactful part in the Shadelands too. I also have big plans for Soul Cairn as the hostile faction besides the Void aswell. Maybe Sithis' pawns and the Ideal Masters battle it out for the harvesting of souls.

      Do you know how I should sheet Daedra? I want to give the option for Ghost players to eventually transform into a Daedra like the Dremora, Auroran, Golden Saint, Dark Seducer, Huntsmen, Seekers, or Shrikes etc. I don't know if I want to merely make them based off Risen or Kuei-Jin. Do you have any suggestions for an entirely new splat for Daedra specifically?

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        If my memory serves, the player characters of elder scrolls online, the "souless ones" keep resurecting as, their souls being trapped in oblivion, their essences share the essence of oblivion, making them recompose their bodies just like daedras.

        You can make the act of staying in oblivion planes for long a dangerous event where a ghost will "adapt" in the same way mortals are discorported in the umbra in mage the ascension. Ghosts staying for long period of times would become full part of the realm in which they stayed.

        As so, rather than be a perfect "out of sithis's graps" places, oblivion planes would be far more dangerous to use as havens.

        That could live to interesting stories, like a circle of ghosts trying to convince their friends, an researchers in life as in death, to leave apocrypha before being condemned to eternally wander this endless library.

        I would propose for ghosts to become daedras not a systematical events but a rare one. Ghosts becoming part of the fauna so to say. Only the strongest or more dedicated could achieve "daedrahood".

        A dead tyrant, for exemple, could prove that he is as much dominant in death as in life, proving to Molag Bal that he can be a good daedrix servant rather than a slave.


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          Can you advise how I simulate one army going against another or general mass combat? Say I have 3 Clanfear plus myself against two Dremora, how do I enact a battle through the WoD mechanics? I was thinking Leadership+Wits plus some other thing vs an extended action of the same from the other side. Whoever wins the X amount of successes first wins the mass combat. Anyway to improve this or suggest something completely different?

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            Sadly, the system of WOD was never good at simulating large groups. I've never experimented with that to be honest.


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              Check Right of Princes, from Dark Ages line, for rules of mass combat.