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When Arcanoi Marks Shows Up?

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  • Ipergigio
    started a topic When Arcanoi Marks Shows Up?

    When Arcanoi Marks Shows Up?

    If I remember well, according to the core rulebook, arcanoi marks shows up when you "use an arcanoi too much". I think this is a bit too vague, can you tell me exactly when a wraith can get his marks?

  • tasti man LH
    For Wr20, it's on p.149.

    There it's tied to what rating you have in your Arcanoi. Rating 2 is when the guildmarks start to manifest, but barely. Rating 3-4 is when they start to become VERY noticeable. It does say that as a guideline, if you have two or more Arcanoi at the same rating, the one that the wraith uses the most is the one that will be the most prominent.

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