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Question about the time frame between death and rebirth as ghost

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  • Question about the time frame between death and rebirth as ghost

    Silly question of the day:

    When someone die, he always arise as Wraith instantly or the event can also occour years later?

    What do you think?

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    The Wraith appears fairly quickly, but unless he has particularly high willpower he will remain trapped in a caul until he is reaped. In theory a wraith could remain in his caul for decades, however Wraith 20th (I don't think this is in earlier editions) says that extended time in the caul weakens Wraiths and slowly turns them into drones. There's not a timeframe indicated, but I would guess that the normal window is a few weeks or months before the damage starts happening. Perhaps a Wraith with particularly strong passions (i.e. one on par with a starting PC) could last a year or two.

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      I agree with everything Ramnesis said. If for whatever reason your players wanted to emerge from their cauls years after death, I think the Underworld is strange enough that you could just say it happened for mysterious reasons, and the unusual amount of delay could even be the reason why the circle of ghosts formed: they share that experience.

      It might be interesting for the St to come up with a reason why that area was not searched by reapers. Perhaps it's dangerous, out of the way, or has some sort of obstruction to vision. Or perhaps even ghosts think it's haunted for their kind. Another interesting angle is to consider whether some friendly reaper has trouble getting them out of their especially thick cauls but somehow nurses them back out of a nearly drone-like condition when they finally emerge. I realize this is not strictly according to the rules as written, but I think it'd be kind of fun.


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        Yup the bit about being able to survive within the caul for an extended amount of time means that players could technically play any type of the character from the past and still be new to being a wraith at the start of play. It also allows for enough time to pass that fetters may have remarried, moved away etc which is ripe for story ideas.


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          I was working on a character which died and came back as wraith a lot of time later (maybe some years), just to find that his world has changed considerably (something like finding his house inhabited by an unknown family maybe). But it seems to be a borderline situation and I think not all storytellers may allow it.