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Question about Buildings under the relatively of the Shadowlands and the Skinlands

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  • Question about Buildings under the relatively of the Shadowlands and the Skinlands

    The Shadowlands is a mirror world directly correlated with the Skinlands, being a full overlap unlike the Underworld which is its entire own realm of existence that is only accessed by Nihils, Byways, or by other means. Reading the rule book (2nd Edition), it says that buildings destroyed in the Skinlands remain the Shadowland. What happens if a new building is constructed in the place where the old building was?

    Does the Shadowland version of the building stay, whilst occupying the same space as the new one currently in the Skinlands? Do the two buildings, one in the Shadowlands and one in the Skinlands co-exist? If the 2nd building is also destroyed along the years, does the new building merge with the one that has already occupied the Shadowlands? Or do most buildings simply disappear due to not enough emotional investment at the time it existed in the Skinlands?

    What is your take?

    Jade Kingdom Warrior

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    Its up to the ST in most of these cases.

    I tend to say that from the shadowlands you still see the old building. When the newer building is built you may see aspects of this building just below the surface like an echo. AS time progresses the newer construction will start ot become the surface as the old construction fades. If the two buildings are different hights say the newer is taller than the old then the newer constructions is predominant where the old construction ends. but you may have previous features in the halls of the new as you wlk where the roof would have been. This also will fade over time. If the newer consturction is distroyed then I just keep the fading happening two both buildings as time goes on and after a time the ghost of the new constructions will be all that remains once again.

    This is just how I choose to describe it, you may choose another way, it is all up to you.


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      Can you explain what you mean about the echo part? I'm fascinated by that! Does that mean the newer building will begin underground?

      Jade Kingdom Warrior


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        If an old building is destroyed, it shows up in the underworld as a relic. if later a new building is constructed in that spot, the two coexist. they can both be seen by ghosts, but only the new one can be seen by the living. The ghosts have to contend with the fact that they can be physically blocked by the old building, but the new one can be passed through at the cost of a little bit of corpus.

        this is my understanding of the mechanics. As far as I know, there is nothing about some kind of slowly emerging echo. The new building can immediately be seen, because wraith can see living buildings, they simply cannot physically interact with them other than passing through them at will.

        if the old and new building are exactly the same, just one of them a reconstruction of the older one, then the ghosts have to spend corpus to go through any of the solid surfaces of the new building. What the nearby necropolis would probably do in this situation is tear down the relic building to use its materials in the citadel or in some other project, unless some circle of ghosts is using that old building as their haunt, despite the fact that it is overlaid by a new building. That would be an interesting conflict, with the PCS fighting off an order from the nearby necropolis to reclaim a relic building.


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          As for your question about the new building also being destroyed, I'm not sure. I like your idea about the old one decaying, because at that point, I'm not sure if humans living at that time can remember what the original building was all about if what they're looking at is the third incarnation


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            Like I said, this is just what I do. Not all old things become relics. The echo part is where you can see the newer building as slightly translucent though you can't see completely through it. Think of it possibly as an translucent membrain with the old building just below the surface. We, in my games called that the echo. and echos of material things can somethimes be seen in our Shadowlands. To us it is because something was old but not old enough to become a relic. We like the theme of this better that everything becomes a relic or not. In the Shadow lands these echoed objects in our games interact with wraiths the same way that Skinlands objects do but mortals can not interact with them at all and may pass through them.

            Echo objects fade at the speed of plot and are used on occation in my stories to reinforce the fleeting nature of Life. You could also equate this in Coco or other ghost sotries where the protagonist is fading from thought, but we only apply this to objects that did not become a relic.

            What I was trying to say in my original post is it is up to you the sotry you tell, and here is an example of something my troupe does.