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Necropolis New York 1970, need brainstorming.

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  • Qoorl
    started a topic Necropolis New York 1970, need brainstorming.

    Necropolis New York 1970, need brainstorming.

    So, finally gonna start a Wraith game. New York City end of 1969 beginning of 1970. Need some
    Help and brainstorming. Three players and it looks like they’re going to be:

    A trans woman that died in the stone wall
    An astronaut that exploded in a secret test launch
    A doctor that died when her lab caught fire, developing a vaccine for a rare illness.

    So some questions: any important historical figures that would make for interesting npcs? Kinda like the idea that a secret political war is going on between Alexander Hamilton ( high up in the Usurers guild) and Boss Tweed (either as a Hierarchy political fixer or as a Renegade doing the same thing)

    What good is a relic spacesuit?

    Another topic.... what’s space like in the Underworld? Is it just more Tempest? I say this because the astronaut may be VERY interested if they survive long enough for the Challenger to explode and become a relic space shuttle.

    Give me your thoughts so I can make the world interesting for these players.

  • Shakanaka
    I can explain the Space is in the Shadowlands I would believe just as if the Astronaut would be on Earth. If you mean "Space" in the Underworld itself (which is a different dimension that is accessed by either a Byway or Nihil), that would the Tempest itself. Within the underworld, the Tempest is a 3-Dimensional form of dead Nightmares from the Skinlands, discarded Relics, and many other things that lurk within. Byways cut through the Tempest though which make a path-like division, sorta like Noah from the Bible who parted the Sea with his Staff which allowed the Hebrews to escape from Egypt.

    Due note that even though the Astronach-Wraith isn't exactly within the Underworld itself, the Shadowlands still count as an extension of it. So if he is shuttling in his Relic spaceship, he is unlikely to find any Spirits (which count as "alive" despite being Ephemeral) that usually roam Space. Its not that he can't but it would be very hard for him, with the only way of seeing a Spirit is using a Lifesight roll. Even with that though the Astronaut can pretty much go anywhere- Just make sure he has a Passion like [Explore Space (Awe) 5] to constantly fuel himself and have himself begin with high Argos and Inhabit.

    Also the main problem would be the Caul situation, as most Wraiths have be ushered in into the Afterlife by a Reaper- another Wraith. You could just remedy this by Roleplaying it that the Astronaut had very strong Willpower and broke out of it himself though.

    Edit: A Relic doesn't have to be a normal Relic, it could spawn into the Underworld as an Artifact due to how unique it is and the amount of emotion that was invested into it before destruction in the Skinlands. Maybe the Space-Suit has an automatic Argos that allows any Wraith wearing it that can move through the Tempest without even knowing Argos itself. A Relic Space-Suit would also fetch a high market prize in almost any Necropolis for its sheer novelty aswell.
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    A girl who’s a member of the Weathermen and accidentally dies trying to blow up a building at Columbia that’s being used for defense research

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