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Does Wraith remind anyone of Dark Souls?

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  • Does Wraith remind anyone of Dark Souls?

    Wraith really reminds of me of Dark Souls, which got me attached to it in the first place. While most of the Dark Souls setting is completely different from Wraith, it has alot of key similarities:

    Both settings mostly utilize melee and archery weapons.

    Economy revolving around souls

    Being an Undead

    Multiple clandestine and secretive orders

    Deadly and Dark mysterious enemies that are completely evil

    Even weirder and unexplained entities that defy comprehension (Plasmids for Wraith/The various strange creatures in Dark Souls)

    Strange areas that defy logic

    Two parallel sides of the PC (Shadow for the Wraith/Hollow for the Undead Chosen in Dark Souls)


    I just thought of all on fly quite easily, because both of the games have themes that really complement eachother. What do you guys think?

    Jade Kingdom Warrior

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    Psshhh I wish! Man Dark Souls, and Bloodborne would definitely revitalize a lot of Wraith for me. Its worked with my Exalted games! :P