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    I was poking around the labyrinth of my files the other day and realized I had a few necropoli that I'd never used for anything. I figured the Halloween season would be an appropriate time to share them with the three of you who still read this forum.


    - C.


    Alas! Alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour is thy judgment come.

    Once, Baghdad was the mightiest Necropolis in the Mantaqat Khayal, the Middle Eastern Shadowlands. 250 leagues from Mecca, it was far enough from the source of the Keening that the perpetual sand-Maelstrom engulfing the region was sometimes passable. Here, ghosts of the Abbasid Caliphate traded relics and lore with Ottoman Restless and the British Empire's wraiths. Beholden to no Dark Kingdom, a council of ancient merchant princes opened Baghdad's gates to anyone who didn't disrupt business. Even Oblivion's saner scions were welcome as long as they behaved.

    On April 2, 2003, as American troops approached, an unprecedented Maelstrom broke over Baghdad. The city had endured countless prior sieges and sacks, but none televised before the eyes of all the world's Quick. As bombs fell on the living city, soulsteel hail and shark-toothed lightning battered the Underworld. Wraiths caught in the storm succumbed to their Shadows' basest urges, falling upon one another in a frenzy of mutual annihilation.

    Trust died in Baghdad that night. In the storm's aftermath, remaining wraiths learned the hard way that Arcanoi no longer reliably identified Spectres or the Shadowridden. For a Necropolitan culture whose overriding ethos was the sanctity of deals and contracts, this was a deathblow.

    Then the war's dead began to arrive in the Underworld, and they showed no interest in ceasing their war. American troops and their Coalition allies spurned a millennium of traditional hospitality and coexistence in pursuit of their Iraqi adversaries while Oblivion gleefully infiltrated all sides to further the conflict. The Shadowlands shook to the renascent detonations of relic IEDs. An ambush lurked around every corner; a nihil glimmered at the bottom of every bomb crater.

    In the Skinlands, scavengers followed on the soldiers' heels. The sack of Baghdad's wealth was nothing compared to the feeding frenzy for its knowledge. The city's museums and libraries held countless arcane relics and keys to forbidden history. Supernatural beings from every corner of the world collided while rushing to stake claims amidst the chaos. Battles spilled into the Shadowlands as sorcerers and shapeshifters maneuvered through every accessible plane of existence. For every priceless artifact destroyed while saving it, wraiths fought to ensure it re-formed across the Shroud and in their hands.

    The battle for Baghdad's lore burned itself out within a season, giving way to a simmering asymmetrical war. Across the Shroud, the Middle East's traditional denizens regrouped and drove out most foreign intruders in a brutal years-long campaign. Among the dead, the Grim Legion and Penitent Legion attempted to establish a peacekeeping presence as a precursor to long-denied Imperial expansion, but found themselves drawn into the conflict too.

    Today, Baghdad is a city of wraiths trapped by Fetters, the resurgent perpetual Maelstrom, or their own Passions and Shadows, all amidst a war without end. The major factions, as best they can be defined, are Stygian forces seeking to claim a city long denied them; an alliance of outsider Mantaqat Khayal inhabitants with a similar agenda; newly-dead Coalition and Ba'ath Loyalist troops and politicians who can't let go of their respective sides of the Quick's war; and pre-war Baghdadis who want everyone else to stop destroying their homes. Beneath it all, Oblivion bargains, manipulates, and carries out false-flag attacks to stoke the conflict, and its agents still can't be identified until they act.

    Leaked reports from the Legions have brought belated Doomslayer attention. They've enjoyed some success recruiting here when they've been able to point out the real enemy. Their primary mission, however, has been intelligence-gathering, and what they've learned may have ramifications across the Underworld. The Shadow-Eaten have been watching and learning from mortal combatants, and now they're versed in the skills of terrorist and special operator alike. They're smart and patient in ways the Void hasn't allowed until now, and they're willing to play long games. If this spreads beyond Baghdad, the struggle against Oblivion will change forever.

    Clayton A. Oliver | Formerly Ubiquitous

    When the half-light starts to rise/And the long gone come back again
    After the shortcuts and the highs/Comes the pain
    And the rain

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    Cool! Thanks!


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      A request in the future that please try to combine your location threads into one single one.

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        Just curious but is this violating a rule? Or what if he waited a day or two between posting a location thread. I can see why he might want to dedicate a thread to a specific subject rather then mash them all together as it focuses on the specific local if they have their own thread.