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Quick Question - Can a Wraith arise when someone is turned into a vampire?

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  • Quick Question - Can a Wraith arise when someone is turned into a vampire?

    I have an idea for the Wraith campaign I'm running where in the backstory one of the PCs was murdered and turned into a vampire and now their Wraith is seeking vengeance.

    If someone is turned into a vampire is it possible (doesn't have to be likely, just theoretically possible) that they will form a Wraith?

    Alternatively, is there a way for Necromancy to do something similar? Force whatever it is that makes a Wraith out of the body and then use the body as a host for something else?

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    Regarding Vampires, by default, no. Vampires are not soulless so their soul is not free to show up in the Underworld. You'd have to tweak the setting to make this happen, either by making vampires soulless or making it clear that Wraiths are not actually souls (or parts thereof).

    Necromancy, on the other hand, would work just fine. I'm not well versed in the various Necromancy rules, but ejecting someone from their body seems reasonable.

    Without giving too much away, Orpheus had a threat where projectors could have their bodies stolen and were functionally (or possibly permanently) ghosts.

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      However, there is the possibility that a Wraith could arise just from the idea that someone has died, either really or symbolically. If a vampire faked their death after the embrace, then a Wraith could theoretically form if enough people knew about it. It wouldn't be a traditional Wraith ( I'm using the concept of the tulpa as a basis), but it could function similarly, albeit with some changes. Necromancy, as well as some Mage spheres and other powers, can send a soul of a body while keeping the body functionally alive. It would be somewhere between an astral projection and a Wraith, so I am not sure what it could do and what its powers would be.