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  • Best way to play online?

    I'm considering running a Wraith game online and am having trouble figuring out the logistics.

    My usual go to would be Roll20, which usually has a really good selection of character sheets, except for Wraith. There is a community made Wraith sheet, but its rather lacklustre.
    The biggest problem is that resizing the sheet disrupts the formatting, and that is quite a problem as it would seriously hinder my player's ability to see the screen and their character sheet simultaneously. That and there's a bug where the bashing/lethal/aggravated damage button is decentred from the corpus box, making it tricky to toggle. The sheet is essentially unfinished, and the entire project seems to have been abandoned years ago unfortunately.

    So I was wondering what alternatives people have tried for online play.

    I know the most obvious one would be "Give everyone an editable PDF", but I want to be able to see all their character both to help the new players out, and also to remember what everyone's fetters and passions are, as well as what their shadows are capable of. I could just note down everything in physical space, but I would rather that be a last resort.

    But also, this wouldn't solve another potential problem of needing to redistribute shadowguides in case a player is missing one week.

    How have you been playing Wraith online and what solutions have you come up for being able to keep an eye on player's sheets?
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    Maybe Google Drive or Drop Box will help, but personally I just use PDFs and exchange them with the players frequently, so your official sheet is always the one in my hands.

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      My group plays over Discord. We use a variety of channels and channel categories. Every player gets a channel for their PC's character sheet, viewable only by them and me. Discord has a number of bots that can create WoD character sheets (not sure if any support Wraith), but you can also just make the sheet a simple text message in the same format as the character sheets on the White Wolf Wiki. Player can edit it as needed. Pretty basic but gets the job done.

      I had a PC at one point who was a wraith. I created a separate channel for his Shadow that I set to only be viewable by me. Normally, I keep character sheets for NPCs somewhere else, but I was referencing the Shadow's so often that it was useful to keep over Discord. If another player was the Shadowguide (I played the PC's Shadow), I'd have made the channel viewable by them too.

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