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    74) For centuries the Pardoners have sought the secret to convert Angst into Pathos. Their obsession with this goal has led to the creation of the Angst Battery. At last the Oracles' foresight has revealed the place where a solution may be found: near the Well of the Void in a forgotten temple where the Neverborn sleep. The place is so tainted by Oblivion that any Wraith would succumb to Specterhood long before returning. The only hope is to leave your shadow behind. With the power of Shadow Summons the Master Pardoner has cleaved your shadow from your psyche. What was an accident to the great Charon was a hard choice for you. Now your existence is measured in hours before you fade forever from the Shadowlands. Good luck Doomslayer, you're going to need it...


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      75) Doppelgangers have fully infiltrated the local Pardoners and are using a sort of inverse-Castigation on people. This would be a hard enough problem on it's own, but this bizarre Dark Arcanos is a complete flip; as much as regular Castigation hurts a shadow, this power feels really fucking good for the Psyche.
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        76) Specters need love to: A doppelganger is doggedly hunting a member of the characters circle in attempt to overwrite her corpus and pose as her. The specter's true love came across the shroud with his psyche intact and was horrified at what his former lover had become. He has become infatuated with the character of late and his former love will do anything in her power to possess the character so she can be near her lover again.

        77) A character was a member of the Franco - Tuscan expedition up the Nile during the 1800's. During the expedition, he participates in the desecration of Pharaoh Seti I's tomb incurring the curse of the this case a spectral risen. Seti I catches up to the character as he is guarding a massive obilisk being shipped to Paris for placement at the Louvre. Killed while defending the obilisk, the character finds their way drawn to Paris only to discover that Seti I has followed him. The Hierarchy is hard pressed to repulse Seti I and the fearsome tempest winds that follow in his wake. Seti will sweep aside all opposition unless something is done quickly. The Anacreons learn from an Ivory Kingdom ambassador that all of Seti's fetters have been destroyed by the Ivory Queen sans one...the obilisk at the Louvre. The characters lead the charge for vengeance only to discover that Seti isn't the only one who holds the obilisk as his fetter. Will he willingly send himself into a harrowing to defeat the wraith who killed him and his companion or find some other way to defeat Seti?

        78) The lighthouse of Alexandria's construction was a monumental undertaking and served to protect and guide the vessels necessary to transport the Library of Alexandria to Stygia. It is common knowledge that the lighthouse mighty architect and keeper is a gaunt of immense power that has imbued the lighthouse with every manner of protection against specters and maelstroms he could devise. What is not common knowledge is that all his efforts are born of a stark, raving terror of his shadow. The keepers exercises in self mastery only managed to separate his shadow from his psyche and allow it free reign to spread havoc across the underworld with an ultimate goal of reuniting with its other half. The keeper's shadow has been busy of late and it is said that it has the ear of Coldheart himself. With Alexander the Great's tomb laying in the shadow of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, it is only a matter of time before the great defenses the keeper has marshaled will be put to the test...

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          79) The characters have spent their Enfant years rising in the ranks of the Hierarchy. After lengthy bouts of politicking (or soldiering), the characters have all secured positions that straddle trusted-Centurion and promising-Marshal. The Anacreon contacts the Circle with ‘prestigious’ new orders; the Circle has been assigned as the Stygian liaisons to the Kingdom of Wire…by the Lady of Fate herself. What secrets do the characters’ pasts hold that would cause a Deathlord to personally reassign them? Are they being sent to make amends for past apathies…or as sacrificial lambs?

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            80) Someone with a real nasty streak has been doing some cruel shit with Puppetry lately. He skinrides folks and then has them off themselves; the families all freak out because they never saw any warning signs, and the new wraith wonders why the hell she's dead. Shut him down.

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              81) Major Tom and the Necronauts.:
              During the high of the space race, many declassified documents involved astronauts passing out and dying in space. Major Thomas Wilks was a happy man, loving father and dedicated husband. His flight was top secret. His son David (age 5) gave him a little rocket ship toy, his wife was expecting his second child. "Ill be coming soon." were his last words before he got up the Jupiter 9.
              He made the grade, the nasa wanted to know whos shirt he wore while he was outside. His wife hearing his conversations in control.
              He floated in the most peculiar way, and the stars looked very different that day.
              Before he could tell, there was a malfunction, decompression "tell my wife i love her very much." "She knows" were the final words before he could even tell he died.
              The ship crashed on the ocean 3 days later.....
              Loneliness is a killer. Imagine being stuck in your own fetter, with no contact to anything or anyone. being trapped on the outer space of the Underworld, The Necrosphere. years passed until the managed to reach and contact the Hierachy by himself while being stuck in the Jupiter 9. Keeping a watchfull eye from the sky as satellital recognizment to The Tempest. After the fall of the MIR, this one appeared on the Necrosphere as a flying hunk of metal, now home of the Necronauts (astronauts that passed during missions or training). Now as Doomslayers and as the "Grid." their objective is protect Stygia from the sky high from threats within The Tempest and from the Outside (Fuck you Xerxes Jones). The players who manage to pull enough ranks on the doomslayers down on the Underworld may be transfered to the Necronauts unit, keeping the underwold safe from Spectres and other outsider threats.
              While major tom not only trains the new recruits..but trying to find a way to reach his descendants and give them a final goodbye,

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                Ghost Marriages
                Background: A Chinese tradition, still carried on in certain areas even today, where one or both of the members are deceased. The reasons are various. They include: uniting families, ensuring the family line is continued, bringing together an engaged couple where one has died before the marriage could take place, ensuring a younger brother would not marry before an older, or to place an unmarried daughter into a patrilineage. Other reasons include continuing the family line or even requests from the other side.

                82) In the Kingdome of Jade, one of the PC’s lost his one true love in life when he died the eve before his wedding. He somehow found love again in the world of the dead. He and his new love are planning a wedding wraith style, but his fiancée in the world of the Quick is planning a ghost marriage to him as well. Now he has two brides? Whatever will he do?

                83) One of the PC’s has a spouse still alive in the world of the Quick. The spouse’s family is suddenly coming down with a strange illness, incurable by ordinary means. When a ghost appears in a dream requesting marriage to the widow/widower, the family is quick to comply. The wraith just happens to be the PC’s worst enemy? Or maybe even a Spectre?

                84) Wedding bells again, but this time the PC’s future spouse in the Shadowlands is being married off in a ghost marriage to someone in the world of the Quick. To his/her one true love in the land of the living? To someone they hate? To the PC’s murder? What happens from here?


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                  OK folks, judgment time:

                  Lots, lots, LOTS of great entries. Wonderful stuff here, and it was really hard to choose a winner.

                  Actually, it was impossible. So I picked two:

                  Aeoris - #78 is wonderfully epic and spooky, full of possibility and taking advantage of the world of Wraith to the fullest.

                  Old Rusty Pipe - #74 - Totally badass.

                  So you two, direct message me your contact info and your Stygian loot will be on its way. Everyone else who posted, thank you so much - it's been a blast reading all of these. Watching you take the world and run with it in so many different directions is all a developer could hope for.

                  ​And don't think we won't be doing this again...


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                    Congratulations to Aeoris and Old Rusy Pipe! Much deserved wins!


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                      85) You see a mortal with a Ouija board attempting to speak to you in particular. You decide to use Embody to answer their questions, and one of them asked is "Do you forgive me for killing you?".