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Whatever Happened to Wraith.... interview with Onyx Path Publishing

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  • Whatever Happened to Wraith.... interview with Onyx Path Publishing

    Hello Web Friends, I had the please of interviewing Ian Watson over at Onyx, and made this video all about Wraith the Oblivion. Wraith is one of those game that was unique in way that made it difficult to market, and it sadly had to go. However, with the 20th anniversary, it's getting some attention again! Check out my video and the Reddit discussion!

    How would you answer these questions:

    1. What made Wraith Unique?

    2. What was the "fun factor" for Wraith?

    this forum really doesn't want me to link to Youtube for some reason....

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    Part of the fun factor in Wraith is almost voyeuristic. Of course in every game you get to play someone else, and see an imaginary world through their imaginary eyes. But in Wraith, the focus is on the character's most personally salient moments--the heights of triumph and anguish and longing. Wraith elevates human life to a precious dream. Whereas most games are sheer escapism, Wraith asks players roleplay fierce investment in the memories of a relatively normal life. Those glimpses of normality are a Wraith's escapism.

    There's also the other part, the Underworld. The alien cities with stacked buildings that ascend so high they blot out most of the gray sky. World War II air raid sirens blaring as Spectres swarm from above--citizen-soldiers picking up any available weapons to fight against Oblivion. There is politics and scheming and violence on a scale greater than in any other WoD game line. The Restless Dead don't just skulk in the shadows cast by Humanity, they have their own cities that are millions strong. They travel through incomprehensible wastes inhabited by unspeakable creatures. Like the video said, it's a whole other world. But they still have some access to ours. That contrast between the world of memories and distant lives, and the terrible new one, is powerful and unique.

    Edit: How could I forget, the fun of tormenting your friends by playing their Shadow. One of the coolest game devices ever.
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