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ideas for Catharasis? wanting clearly distinguish it from Frenzy

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  • ideas for Catharasis? wanting clearly distinguish it from Frenzy

    Ideas on what happens in Catharasis, either to a wraith or a spectre... in particular... a spectre going into catharasis Easyiest use is to attack their fellows but thats just lazy...

    Some other ideas...

    Sending out incriminating information either to the public, or to an enemy...

    move a soul towards, or away from, oblivion.

    anymore ideas?

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    The Shadow Player's Guide is full of helpful advice.

    One of my favorite ideas for Catharsis is just the Shadow laying out the Psyche's private thoughts on the group, with the intent of having the truth do as much damage as possible: "You know, he thinks you're a bossy idiot, and he thinks you want everyone to feel sorry for you, and he thinks you're..." Remember that the Shadow is self-destructive, but very rarely does that take the form of violence and outright suicide. The Shadow is shame and regret and buried feelings, not just your evil half.

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      Sounds good, for spectres, ideas?


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        Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
        Sounds good, for spectres, ideas?
        Official stuff: Dark Reflections and Shadow Player's Guide are both stuffed with more advice than I could ever offer.

        As for Spectres, the thing to remember is that these are people who have given up; on some level, they decided to stop trying to be the people they want to be and have embraced everything they hate about themselves. These are fundamentally hurt individuals looking to drag as many people down with them as possible, in an effort to spread or relieve their own suffering. This is before you factor in an actively suicidal streak and the influence of an alien hive mind, of course.

        Honestly, you're more likely to have violent Spectres than you are violent Catharsis.

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          meant whats a spectre likely to do in Catharasis.


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            Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
            meant whats a spectre likely to do in Catharasis.
            Pursue their Dark Passions.


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              Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
              meant whats a spectre likely to do in Catharasis.
              The Psyche of a Spectre is motivated to guide the Spectre towards personal redemption, so when dominant it's going to be looking for situations that encourage this in the Spectre, situations where the Spectre needs the Psyche's help or that'll strengthen the Psyche.

              If the Psyche takes over around other Spectres, its best option is probably going to be keeping quiet, so no-one catches on, trying to work incognito or to get away from the Spectres around it - although if it's an emergency I can see the Psyche turning on other Spectres, trying to protect something it values.

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                The key difference between "Frenzy" and "Catharsis" is the issue of control. A vampire in frenzy is out of control: consumed by berserk fury, mindless terror, or animalistic hunger. The personality is completely swept away by raw instinct.

                With Catharsis, though, the wraith's Shadow is in control. The Shadow may be the dark, twisted, repressed parts of the wraith's personality . . . but its very much a part of it. Anyone who knew the wraith well in life - particularly one who saw them "lose it" at some point- will immediately recognize the Shadow as part of the wraith, and might even be able to anticipate what it'll do. After all, the Shadow isn't some alien invader or magical curse - its an integral part of who they were, and will act as such.

                So while the average Shadow has no problem with murder, torture, or "crimes against humanity" (as it doesn't have a moral compass), that's not necessarily what it will pursue in an average Catharsis. An inventor in thrall to his Shadow might smash the prototype he's been working on for months ("damn thing will never work"), for example. Or a wife might find out that her husband has a thing for transvestite prostitutes. . .

                More broadly, while in Catharsis, a Shadow will pursue one of three overlapping goals:
                • Finding a way to remain in control permanently (i.e. become a Spectre)
                • Make the Psyche suffer
                • Pursue their Dark Passions (after all, they are the things the Shadow really cares about)
                And just like ordinary people, Shadows have differing levels of patience and ability to plan things out. Some will always go for a "quick fix", while others lay intricate schemes that can take years to unfold. The key to coming up with good, plausible Catharsis scenes is to keep in mind what they were like in life, and building from there. The Shadow is as much

                Sometimes, that may even mean that the Shadow and Psyche agree on a particular goal . . .but with very, very different methods to achieve it

                If you've seen Bleach, particularly the Soul Society arc, you've seen a good example of Catharsis. Remember the big duel between Ichigo and Byakuya? The show's metaphysics are different, but that one scene works perfectly for Wraith.

                Just because of his appearance, Ichigo grew up with people assuming he was a punk, getting dragged into fights, and having people in authority look down on him. Stating him out, his Passions and Dark Passions would look something like this:

                • Protect my Friends and Family
                • Stand Up for What's Right
                • Win the Respect of Others
                Dark Passions
                • Get Revenge
                • Humiliate People Who Look Down on Me
                • Rebel Against Authority
                • Show Off My Obvious Superiority
                At a key point (shown in the link), Ichigo's just lost a duel to Byakuya, a powerful authority figure in the Soul Society. His friend is about to be executed by that same group, and Byakuya's been taunting Ichigo about his powerlessness. Further, Ichigo's exhausted, hurt, and been fighting for days. In short, his Psyche is maxed out, while his Shadow is enraged. As Byakuya tries for a coup de grace, Ichigo's Shadow calls for a Catharsis check . . .

                A monstrous mask (an Unholy Relic) wraps itself around him. Wild laughter spills from his lips. And suddenly, Byakuya isn't fighting Ichigo any more . . .
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