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Questions on Sandmen (and an unrelated Fetter/Passion question)

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  • Questions on Sandmen (and an unrelated Fetter/Passion question)

    I have a wraith that has the Phantasm Arcanos (2 dots) and they have some Passions to do with speaking to loved ones... That the wraith may pay his 1 Pathos for using Elysia and pull the NPC into a scene in a dreamscape with him to talk, under the pretense of having that quick think they're dreaming about their lost loved one.

    I was pondering if the Fog would be in effect with this (I know the Shroud would be, before making the ol' Dex+Phantasm roll to activate Elysia)... I was pondering if the dreamer would freak out from seeing their dead loved one or if they'd just roll with the dream rationale of it all (perhaps a use of Lucidity may help ease things...)

    Also, the power of Elysia makes it seem the wraith using it pulls the dreamer's soul into the Dark Umbra side, there's no mention if they'd be aware and conscious, though there is mention the psychoactive way of the Underworld would affect just how the dreamer percieves their new surroundings in the scene this plays in...

    How would the soul of the dreamer seem to be, say if a second wraith walked in on my wraith character talking with the dreamer? Beyond the possibility of breaking the Dictum Mortuum, of course...


    Also, I was wondering... If a wraith is newly uncauled and about in the Shadowlands, how would they know what their Fetters are? Same goes for their Passions (to a lesser extent, if they're holding on, they likely know what unfinished business they're chasing in part) but also, knowing what emotions feed their Pathos, same as which ones feed their Dark Passion Angst, I guess...

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    As always there's not much in the way of definitive answers regarding Wraith RAW. In Guildbook Sandmen I got the impression that bringing mortals to the Underworld to take part of the Sandmen's performances is quite common and not taken to be a violation of the Dictum Mortuum. There are some dream plays that assume the presence of a mortal as part of the script and has lots of other Wraiths as audience, including Hierarchy. As long as the mortal can rationalize the whole thing as a strange dream. Also, Phantasm seems to have the effect of making the most vivid dream experience to still be perceived as "just" a dream.

    Regarding Fetters and Passions, in my games I play it like characters intuitively know about them. Fetters are so important they are the first thing that comes to the newly deceased mind. And Passion so central to the character's sense of being they just know how to feed them.

    Hope this helped.


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      That's cool... I also since posting snaffled up a copy of Guildbook: Sandmen to look over, though I think my wraith is more someone that has been taught basic Phantasm than an actual full on Sandman Guild member, flicking through...

      Regarding Fetters, I flicked through the corebook again and noticed the Monitors/Lifeweb users... I'm sure they come in use to help new wraiths that don't have that arcanos in finding their Fetters (some may not be too obvious to a wraith, sort of like how Erik notes he never thought his office-building was an important facet of his living life to be classed as one). 'Course the way things are presented, it'd be hard to trust a Monitor as far as you could Outrage them, but that's one thing solved at least.

      Your post was very helpful, thank you!