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does knowing of wraiths existence increase your chances of becoming one upon death?

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  • does knowing of wraiths existence increase your chances of becoming one upon death?

    especially if you really want it.

    or the opposite what if you don't want to? does that guarantee you won't be one?

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    My interpretation would be no. Becoming a Wraith requires a certain set of preconditions at the time of death.

    1. You must have unfinished business that continues to drive you - that is, you must have a basis for Passions. Without Passions, you don't have a start.
    2. You must not have reconciled with your Shadow while alive. That is, you have a basis for Dark Passions. A Wraith with no Shadow usually transcends almost immediately. Note that it is rare to find such people with a sense of inner peace in the World of Darkness, but it is worth considering.
    3. You must not desire Oblivion, at least on some level.
    4. You must be an individual with a will strong enough to defy death. Note that PC Wraiths start with five Willpower, which represents a relatively small amount of the population overall.

    Now, a person aware of these facts could theoretically work to make sure they come about...but as all of these represent the workings of the inner self in a very heavy way, deliberately engineering them would take some work.


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      The mere knowledge of wraithly existence has jack all to do with becoming one. It might help someone who was inclined to change themselves, but that's about it.

      In an strange twist, though, truly desiring to not be a Wraith might keep someone from becoming one, though not necessarily in a positive way. If its a strong enough drive it might help them let go at the time of death and never manifest as a wraith. Alternately, the revulsion at becoming one of the dead could become a strong self destructive urge and pull the freshly dead straight into oblivion.

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        Oh think those who know wraiths exist might be more likely to save up money for a tomb "Just in case"