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Good other Arcanoi for Oracles or other specialists?

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  • Good other Arcanoi for Oracles or other specialists?

    First two to come to mind, are oracles, and Pardoners

    Oracles who want to voice their prophecys to the quick, are they better learning embody, puppetry, or what?

    Pardoners will probaly benefit immensely from Argos, I think.

    any other ideas on good secondary arcanoi?

    Well Artificers ALSO Benefit immensely from Argos... to run AWAY from angry mobs, if their traveling...

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    To be honest, few Oracles would bother with the Quick. Puppeteers would, of course, but they'd probably want some Arcanoi to help them escape justice and they might take Inhabit and Lifeweb to concoct some good tempered Arts. But most wraiths learn multiple Arcanoi anyway, just at lower levels.
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      knowing this is an OLD thread, just thought of something Recently, how worthwhile is a dot or two of usury for any wraith of business, if you want to trade in Pathos, rather then Oboli, it could definitely work for most pardoner's, Innkeepers, or craftsmen
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