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[Actual Play] Orpheus: A Netflix Original Series

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  • [Actual Play] Orpheus: A Netflix Original Series

    So this uh, seems like the best place to put this, given Orpheus doesn't appear to have its own section, and it IS technically a sequel to Wraith. So we've had the concept for an Orpheus game for months now, and finally got off our collective arses and decided to finally start the dang thing. We've currently finished an intro and the first session of Orpheus, the latter of which will be uploaded in a few days. We use a TASCAM DR-22 and a Samson C03U for our recording.

    As opposed to the normal storyline for Orpheus, which is rather set in stone and follows a pre-defined plot, this game is built to be more of a 'case of the week' sort of deal. That isn't to say there won't be some sort of overarching plot, but hey, we'll see what happens.

    Our Party

    Riley Reinhardt [Skimmer] [Phantasm]: A former frat boy and seasoned thrill-seeker. From jumping off the third story of his frat house into a kiddy pool to alcohol poisoning to a few many tries at the choking game, he's had more than his share of near-death experiences, and eagerly signed his way onto the Orpheus Project when given the opportunity at a career fair. He's fascinated with the occult, an indiscriminate flirt, and formerly aspired to be a masked wrestler.

    Emily Adair [Sleeper] [Skin Rider]: A young woman with a cruel streak. Having spent most of her life in and out of the hospital after a car accident caused a constant leak of fluid into her brain, she eagerly signed onto the Project, as the cryogenic freezing involved in her work as a Sleeper consistently lengthens her dangerously shortened lifespan. She enjoys toying with people both in her body and whilst projecting.

    Season one
    1. Pilot

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    Oh hey, this still... Exists. We had to scrap our original pilot and we've been dealing with moving and all kinds of nonsense, but here we go.

    Mostly an intro session, involving a haunted community centre.
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      I just started running Orpheus this past weekend for a group of (mostly) new players.


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        Well, this has been a LONG time coming. :Ic We're super bad at updating this particular game.

        Our first real chapter of the game takes place at a charming, trendy little bar called 'Freddy's', converted from an animatronic-staffed children's amusement place. The Crucible's been sent in to give the place a once-over before it's opened full time.

        Intro, including inspirations for this particular chapter:

        The episode proper:

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