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    Time for a new stupid question. Don't worry it will be quick and painless!

    I don't remember if the core rulebook tell something about it, but wraiths can change their outfits?

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    RAW: Off hand, no idea.

    Me: A wraith's "outfit" isn't like any other splat's. It's not mundane, dedicated, chimerical, enchanted, or revelatory. A wraith’s outfit is a mix of subconscious projections of her self-image, how she wants to see herself, how she remembers herself, and a few other factors.

    If a character wants to change the clothing of her Corpus for mostly cosmetic reasons, I usually allow it with a turn or two of concentrating.

    If the player describes a memory from the character’s living days that informs the clothing change, I’ll even reward the character. Maybe a point of Pathos or Willpower or reduction in temporary Angst.

    For example, one character usually looks like a road-weary trucker. He was under “dressed” to go into a casino Haunt. To change clothes, he remembered his daughter’s wedding and how he was dressed. He remembered how, before the wedding, it had been a year since they spoke to one another. He remembered her calling him a few months before the wedding to tell him the news and how they reconnected during the time up to the ceremony. He remembered being so proud of her.

    A – BAM! – the character was dressed in his Sunday finest, ready to go into the casino Haunt and spend some oboli while the Maelstrom dies down.

    [I think I removed a point of the character’s temporary Angst to represent the happy memory.]

    This is what happens when an Abyssal Exalted ends up in H.o.L.
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      Basic clothing is self-projected and the system above would be a good way of dealing with it. Armour, masks and anything with a functional purpose beyond mere clothes, however, would either be a relic or an artifact, and would need to be obtained through the usual channels.


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        The most recent party line is that "clothes" are actually plasm, in that they are a part of a wraith's form. Like their hands or hair. Effectively a sort of "residual self-image". So the baseline outfit is up to the player, but it seems unlikely there's anyway to change it apart from Moliate or mechanical alteration of the wraith's intrinsic form (i.e. damage).

        It's unsatisfactory as far as your question goes as it is an open question as to whether a wraith can change any other part of their appearance either. Can a wraith comb their hair into a new harido? Cut their hair without taking Corpus damage? Shave? Trim their fingernails? Effectively that would probably be the only way to take off your shoes. It would be like cutting off your hair and it might hurt as much as peeling the "skin" off your hand. Probably residual self-image would at least make the former look like your feet instead of blobs of goo. And the shoes would do whatever Corpus does when it's no longer integral (dissipate unless you have, say, a Userer or Artificer around). And when you next healed, your shoes would be back on. It would be like trying to alter your Deathmarks or Arcanos stains pop out those eyes if you don't want to be taken for a Monitor, Soliciter or Harbinger... oh wait, that same residual self-image would mean you're blind now). It might work for a bit, but, as soon as you heal, it would all go back to "normal". That's what Moliate can do for you. It's the go-to mechanism for more permanent changes.

        Personally, I don't like it. Personally, my residual self-image doesn't include any particular outfit. I can't think of anything I wear, even habitually, that I would count as being "a part of me". The intrinsic image of a person when they become a wraith is like your astral form. Nekkid. I usually have wraiths come through in whatever died in or were buried in and treat that having Relics 0. (Dying naked is probably worth a 1pt. Flaw). You have something you can trade probably use for some very low level trade. There was a system someone put up awhile ago for really minor Relics. I don't know if I snipped it out and kept it (hope I did...), but I have clothes act like that. Then you can just trade Relics around if you want to change clothes and don't want your clothes to have been someone (and possibly moan softly). I even have "fashion wars" between the Legions that collect Relics and the ones that are into melting people down into stuff (see the ongoing Guild thread for more on that). And I like the idea of a "raggedy" aesthetic for most of my wraiths, with bespoke clothes for the powerful and, ultimately, callous. You're wearing PEOPLE..


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          I think that, even if clothes are made of plasm, it'd be no more harmful to cut your nails than it is for a human. Plasm acts a lot like flesh, even if it's not. Most of the artwork features wraiths with internal organs, etc, even though they don't need such things. So it shouldn't hurt a wraith because they don't expect it to hurt. Besides, actual wounds don't cause pain, and any hair trimmings would most likely comprise less than a tenth of a wraith's body anyway. It's such a minor loss of corpus it wouldn't equate to anything measurable in game terms.

          Of course, you may be right that outfits can only be changed with Moliate. The Masquers are often portrayed as being tailors, among other things, so that actually makes sense. People cross over either naked or in their deathday suits (or whatever best reflects the general 'attitude' they take towards fashion). Any changes require Moliation.

          As to whether a wraith can remove clothes without taking corpus damage . . . well, it depends whether the plasm that corresponds to the clothing is included within a character's base Corpus score or is considered external to their own bodily integrity. In other words, does a starting character have 10 points of corpus plus the 'free' points of plasm for their clothes? Plasm-as-corpus and plasm-as-other-things is already established in the setting anyway. Everything is made of plasm instead of matter, so just because clothing is plasm, it doesn't mean it's part of a wraith's corpus. Even if it is part of a wraith's corpus, though, it might be so in the same way hair is part of a human body.

          If so, we can assume the clothes have their own 'corpus' rating, as it were, which diminishes when the clothing is destroyed. Otherwise, tearing a wraith's clothes would inflict damage, which isn't really supported by the fluff or rules.

          Perhaps, then, wraithly clothing should be thought of as a separate entity to a wraith's body. A kind of silt that collects on a wraith, comprising ambient specks of plasm, and coalescing based on a wraith's self-image. Memories, after all, have a kind of weight in the Underworld.

          Potentially, this means clothing could be forever destroyed if damaged too, as the silt is dispersed. Or, depending on your interpretation, the silt could reform as more ambient plasm settles on the wraith. Say, after a period of slumber. In that interpretation, clothes regenerate. If you choose not to have them regenerate, then relic clothes and Moliation-as-tailoring become healthy trades. (Mind you, they might be anyway, as no one wants to wear the same clothes for eternity.)

          Either way, Moliate would create new clothes from the wraith's own body, or would reshape the plasm-silt on top of that body. Taking clothes off would be a matter of removing a layer that sits on top of a wraith's 'skin', rather than the skin itself. It shouldn't cause harm.

          tl;dr: Cutting your toenails doesn't cost a health level in any other game, so it shouldn't matter here either. Think of plasmic clothing as akin to hair for humans rather than skin (it doesn't hurt to change it but you might need a hairdresser/Masquer).
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