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    Originally posted by adambeyoncelowe View Post

    I think the Astral Plane in VTM is supposed to be like the one in Necroscope, with the silver threads and vague location. The mapping of the various Umbrae came after VTM, and so the two don't mesh.

    House-ruling the Astral Plane as the Shadowlands makes the most sense.

    You are probably right about that it is one of the inspirations, but there are many others. When First and even Second Edition Vampire came out, the Umbra as a concept either hadn't been invented or was early on. However, by Revised there really is no excuse not to include additional setting material that makes sense in the greater World of Darkness and give more more meat for people running Vampire games.

    Personally, I'm not interested in making the Astral Plane the Shadowlands, but if someone said that was the case in the game he's running, I wouldn't argue.


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      A couple games I've played in have treated the Astral Plane as sort of between space running through the various extra-dimensional realms. Ephemeral from the outside but vast within itself. It was possible to use the Astral Plane as a jumping off point to reach places like the Umbra and the Shadowlands, though doing so was obviously very dangerous. Having your Astral form severed from your body is bad enough, having it severed on another plane of existence removed is worse.


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        That may be like the Vampire Astral Form plane, but it's not like ANYTHING in the rest of the WOD cosmology. It's more like the D&D Astral Plane. Which is also like the Vampire Astral Form Plane.


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          I personally have the idea that the Vampire Astral form allows them to travel to most areas of the umbra but they would either have to fumble around in the dark to find them or have a wraith or garou guide them to various umbral planes, due to vampires having no spiritual connection to any plane like the Garou or wraiths do.

          I've theory crafted every now and then, that the kindred do have their own plane but it's populated by the Beast incarnate, as spectre-like creatures who try to warp anything that passes through minds into a more vampiric state of greed,selfishness, and a slowly draining soul as the world numbs around them. It's mostly just in a concept space but if you have any ideas feel free to say.