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    Originally posted by No One of Consequence View Post
    One of the things I wish had been part of Wraith's initial line of books was some sort of "Haunter's Handbook" (haunter in the general sense, not the Guild), about how and why wraiths interact with the Skinlands and the living, dealing with the Hierarchy's rules and laws on such things, living people as fetters or focus of passions, the Arcanoi that effect stuff on the other side of the shroud, and character concepts who focus on all of this.

    You could always run a chronicle focused around a "Haunt Club", like Fight Club, but with wraiths who mess with the living for fun and profit.
    That would be fantastic! Well, let's think up some possibilities. I like the Haunt Club idea. Could be like Ashwood Abbey from Hunter: The Vigil, a club for thrill seekers who want to catch the most rarified anti-Dictum Mortuum experience ever. ...Or maybe Point Break is a better model . Rather than a far-out, philosophical cult of surfers who finance their year-long surfing life with bank robberies, you have far-out, quasi-Heretical, definitely Renegade haunters (lower-case h) who finance their year-long skinriding with flashy violations of the Dictum

    [Edit] ...And robberies of Ursury vaults. All those yummy pathos crystals go to the skinriding and haunting party. Well, most of them.