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Presenting a Spectres Psyche.

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  • Presenting a Spectres Psyche.

    A few questions

    What kind of Passions do you think a Nephwrack, let alone a Malfean would have. since they have no real ties usually to the living world

    When a NPC Spectres Psyche is in control ideas how to portray them in a way that while it may be relatively beneficial to PC's, its important to keep in mind their formost goal is helping their host.

    If a spectres Redeemed, is it unreasonable to imagine him as going through a pseudo harrowing, crafted completely by the psyche?

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    I think they do go through a kind of Harrowing if Redeemed, yes.

    Their Passions might be deeply buried, but they will usually be the same ones they had in their mortal lives or when they were a wraith. Every spectre had a human side once. The Neverborn, of course, are an exception since they are the ur-sparagmoi of the game.


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      thinking the Neverborn dont have psyches? Or that their Psyches, are subconcious rejections of their own destructive urges?


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        If anything doesn't have a Psyche, it's a Neverborn. They're effectively natives of the Labyrinth. Sorta like kaiju plasmics. Which don't have Psyches.


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          Yeah, the Neverborn aren't souls like wraiths and spectres are. They're embodiments of Oblivion.


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            In the Spectres chapter of Wraith 20, from the preview there is nothing in statting up a Malfean that says they don't have a psyche. Onceborn clearly should have one as they were human once, the Neverborn are an interesting case but then I think a Neverborn basically should have 'Caine loses' as their character sheet anyway...

            Dark Passions don't need to be connected to the Skinlands at all, though I can't think quite now off the top of my head what a higher ranked Spectre or Malfean would push for them. Otherwise when a psyche has gained control of a Spectre they're no different from a normal wraith, though I believe it'd be hard for any wraith to trust a Spectre if not attack or run from them on sight.


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              yes, but a Spectre in Catharasis, that is not a Doppleganger will probaly anticipate not being trusted, and take actions accordingly.

              Obviously, if he has the "Wraith Prestige" or "Allies" Fronds, he's gotten some respect from local wraiths,

              Not sure how those allies with know the psyche is in control?

              or what they'd do for the spectre, other then pass on info.

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                Sorry to bump an old thread but had a related question...

                What can a Spectre with a permanent Pathos of 8 or 9 do, to avoid being ripped apart by his fellow spectres, as his psyche is getting bolder and bolder by the day?

                figured a Dopplegangers psyche would probaly nudge him into a indefinite harmless bit of "infiltration work"

                what could a shade Mortwight, or Nephwracks nudge him into doing?


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                  Mortwights can go on solo or small party raiding in the Shadowlands. Some of them could even be free agents. Not separate from the Hive Mind, of course, but not in any particular power's control. It seems to be an outlier, but some of the fiction in Wr2nd makes me think that some Spectres even exist on the edges of Wraith society (the wretched hive of scum and villainy part of it anyways). There's probably room in the setting for Spectres who do just enough to keep Oblivion off their backs and not enough to get the Hierarchy interested in them.

                  Shades, theoretically, had most of their Psyches stripped away by the Tempest so the issue of a strong Psyche should never come up.

                  Sucks to be a Nephwrack. Exile in the remote parts of the Labyrinth is probably the best they can strive for. That or running their own Oblivion Cult.

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                    On your point, in the risen book, which Ive only briefly glanced at, It says somewhere spectres will often instruct Hopeful Risen.

                    showing wraiths and spectres DO sometimes get along.

                    Oh just thought, what do you think Psyche archetypes when their about to retake control will do, Nurturer will probaly say something to the effect of "Dont worry, everything will be allright"

                    Saint: ruthlessly castigating the spectre for his crimes condemning him and assuring him soon his evil will come to an end.

                    What could the counselor, agent, etc do?
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