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Two Questions: One Difficult, One Easy

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  • Two Questions: One Difficult, One Easy

    Let's get the easy one out of the way. I've been out of the loop and I hear there's going to be Orpheus material in the new Wr20, for which I'm so, so very excited. Ecstatic even. My question is: When is this bad dog being released? I can't wait! I mean that literally as I'm planning an Orpheus game in a couple weeks and I'm a go whether it's out or not, but I'd really love to check that out first. Second, and far easier, question: I'm looking for Orpheus Props. While on the hunt, I've found the standard Flatliners stuff, which is awesome, but I'd like more. I may just use some Call of Cthulhu props if I can find ones that fit, but I'd love to know if there are more props for the game itself.

    Thanks for the help! The VIP Table* greatly appreciates your assistance!

    *Visually Impaired Peoples Table. We're blind gamers. BLIND GAMERS UNITE!

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    It's gonna be a while - definitely more than a couple of weeks, unfortunately. It's been hanging around the Second Draft section in the Monday Meeting notes for some time, although Dansky's hinted he's in the final stretch there.

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      What kind of props are you looking for? I don't know what "the standard Flatliners" props would be, although I'm familiar with the movie by that name. Do you have a defibrillator you make players hook up to each other? Now that would be terrifying.