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    Sorry, I put this in another post, but it was kind of hidden, soooooooooo....PROPS?! You got 'em? I want 'em? I grabbed everything from Mr. Gone's AMAZING SITE (that's a plug for an amazing site :P ) and I have all kinds of fun uses for them, but I'd love to find more. My game starts in a week and it's an Orpheus game, but Wraith, or really ANY props that might be appropriate
    , woud greatly appreciated!

    Examples of how I'm using the ones I have, while keeping all props/character sheets in a manila folder marked with their character name. Orpheus is written to be like a movie/TV show. I'm going with the latter, with every story book being the end of the season finale. So....

    Each player will choose an actor to play their character. I'm going to paste a pic of that actor on the Security Badge Prop and everyone will wear them aound their necks at game.
    All XP will be given out at the end of an particular episode in the form of a Orpheus Check.
    All XP spent will be recorded on the inside of the Orpheus Charge Card.
    Instead of writing up Backgrounds, each player will fill out a Employment Application.
    Journals will be done by filling out Employee Evaluation Forms.

    There's more, but those are just some of the things I've been working with. If you have any cool ideas, I'd love to hear them. I want players to get as immersed as possible. Oh, and, of course, if they die, I have a Death Certificate all ready to go. Thanks for any input, assistance, etc.

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    Lets see. Knives, daggers, swords, scythes, spears, cap guns (anything looking like a flintlock, if outdoors label fake, safety fist.), axes, masks.

    Onyx Path Kickstarters I back.
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