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The SCP Foundation, and Other Conspiracies

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    Would also love to mention gamers against weed these guys are pretty interesting


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      I'm yet to read about Gamers, but I do like UIU. Actually, I think they're too underused in the Foundation wiki, I would love to explore them more.

      Now, on GibberingEloquence proposals:

      Mobile Task Force

      I'm not used to balancing Mystery Cult, so I'll presume that this amount of power is normal. It is, anyway, very fitting for the Foundation-Verse, since PCs aren't going to be that powerful otherwise, but are going to face very tough threats. I liked a lot, it is on the spot. At most, I will add the (almost obvious, but not so much) rule that the skill and specialty covered are always the same in a given MTF team.

      Church Of The Broken God

      Well, I'm not sure about all the last benefits. Also, I would drop some of the levels for something social and investigative abilities. The CotBG is certainly known for the anomalous augmentations of some members, more or less common depending on the author. But more than that, they are known for an astounding ability to find and recognize thematic anomalies, be they really related to their Church or not (of course, they always thing it is related), and for their tendency to show up in numbers, with the perseverance of zealots and fairly competent cooperation.

      More often than not, an encounter with those nut-jobs have just a touch of anomaly on them, instead focusing on the anomaly they were drawn to.

      Serpent’s Hand

      Maybe too broad in the end, can we consider narrowing it to one or two at the player's choice? But I liked it overall. I plan on making the Wandering Library a thing in itself, so access to the Library will be a requisite to this Merit. Probably this access won't be so much hard to acquire as it will be problematic to have if you are not prepared for the consequences.

      Doctor Wondertainment

      I'm not sure about Wondertainment, it is a hard one. Instead of a Cult merit, it could be some other things. First came to my mind an 1-dot merit that modifies other merits, the likes of Relic and Fetish. It would turn them into Wondertainment Toys, adding a pamphlet of safe use, a bit of power, a theme as a toy, evident weirdness even for an object of its kind, and all the possibilities brought by a line of contact with Wondertainment. Remember, one of their common features is customer service.

      Are We Cool Yet?

      Again, I'm not sure, but here I'm not sure at all. There are several takes on AWCY, and I like most of them to some degree, but they are not always compatible. It isn't at all a bad take, anyway, but I think I won't be satisfied with just one AWCY.

      Marshall, Carter And Dark

      It seems good, at most I would change the wording a bit. You see, I wouldn't apply MC&D to the patrons and executives of them, but mainly to the workers they employ to do their often dirty work.

      I'm going to sleep now, but as soon as possible I will add those to my doc. Oh, and read about the GAW.

      Sorry if I seem too straightforward, or if I don't get you. Autism isn't a forgiving condition.


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        Several factors kept me from updating things here, but I finally got my docs prepared.
        Anyone can comment in the doc, though it would be more fun to discuss it here.

        Sorry if I seem too straightforward, or if I don't get you. Autism isn't a forgiving condition.


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          Good job amazing work


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            Thanks. I'll try to expand it more today. But I'll probably discuss ideas here first.

            Sorry if I seem too straightforward, or if I don't get you. Autism isn't a forgiving condition.


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              Bumping as a Christmas gift to myself.

              I would have it that the Chronicles of Darkness canon on the SCP Foundation focuses on the idea that, in this universe, everyone knows; they just don't mention it. Normality is a comforting lie the Foundation came up with so that people could ignore fear.

              I also think SCP-001 here is Tufto's proposal, wherein

              The Scarlet King, the Big Bad of the Multiverse and destroyer of everything, is...not really a creature. It's an idea of forces that oppose civilization, defined by civilization, meaning the Foundation, itself. The Scarlet King is a prehuman god because the Foundation anthropomorphizes it as such. It is the id to their superego, the howling friction between the premodern law of blood - passion, chaos, meaning without words - and the modernist law of concrete - logic, order, systems moral and otherwise - given something we might define as a mind and agency. And the worst part is, it may be more human than the O5 Council, still hollow men bound by dogma and unable to accept something as chaotic as intuition as ever having merit, when its continuing existence is proof of that being demonstrably untrue.

              Also, I feel the playable Sarkic Cults are inevitably Proto-Sarkists; Neo-Sarkists are those who have embraced outright sociopathy and disdain for all those lesser than themselves. Followers of Nalka are insular, xenophobic, and amoral by normal standards, but at least they recognize community as a thing that is good.
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