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[Dark Eras] Japan's Yayoi period

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  • [Dark Eras] Japan's Yayoi period

    Note: I'm not professional japanist, archelogist or historist. Those are just some setting thoughts of Japan's culture and history fan. If I'm mistaken, just culturally point me where.

    Reading some information on Yayoi period ( circa 300 BCE to 300 CE ) I see that is time where hunter-gatherers society of Jōmon period become something resembling Vinča culture, i.e. late neolithic society. It's a time of great migration from continental Asia. Time where Kami pantheon of Shinto is created by conquest of various little kingdoms and their dynasties. And can make some interesting settings for CoD games.

    For Mage, with coming of continental Asian mages just after 'Darshanas exchange' of Alexandrian Empire, I could clearly see Japan of this time as most eager of East lands to have their own Diamond Orders semi-centralized across kingdoms, different from Diamond of West ( centralized mostly by Rome ). Each cult is fighting over philosophical supremacy and those that lose, become part of local Diamond equivalent ( even when totally seperated from proper Diamond Orders ). Still, from continental Asia, cults loosely based on Mantra Sadhaki ( leading to Silver Ladder counterparts ), Adamantine Arrow and Panscryptias would be leading in those areas.

    For Werewolf, it would probably be time when Ainu ( and similar cultures ) are pushed out from main Japan islands - and with them, Uratha connected to their hunter-gatherers ways. They still will survive in those lands, probably in village or two in smaller kingdoms, but it's a start of 'ronining' of Uratha from Islands, loosing their sacred purpose in societies.
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    Actually, I've been trying to work on a Yamatai setting based in the Yayoi Jidai. It's on hiatus, at the moment, but I might get back to it at a later date.

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      Take note that the Japanese used shields at the time. In later periods they modified their shields drastically to accommodate horse archers.