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    oh I like those! good job on the anomalies, Cinder!

    My Homebrew Signature- Because I need one. If you use any of it, please share with me how it went!

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      Originally posted by LostLight View Post
      oh I like those! good job on the anomalies, Cinder!
      Thanks LostLight! Much appreciated.
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      Currently writing: "Dark Era: The Forest That Weeps".

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        Made another Hero. Give him a hug.

        EDIT: If I have to be totally honest (and I will because I think it's fun), he's basically the answer to the question "what would Karl Pilkintgton be like as a Hero?"

        Philippe Bonnet

        “Why can’t you monsters just leave me be?

        Background: Philippe, if you asked him, would describe himself as a simple man. He did not come to Congo to become rich nor famous. He did it because they were hiring and a man’s gotta work. Lacking the skills and the attitude for more dangerous tasks, Philippe was just an ordinary engineer working for one of the many trading companies operating in Congo. Not the kind of man that discovers new countries or wages war against foreign tribes, but the one that comes in after that and makes the place work.To actually accept to travel to Africa and try to live there for months was an act of courage that would have been enough for his entire life. Unfortunately for Philippe, there was more to him than he gave himself credit for.

        Philippe’s job was to reach the East of the country and contribute to the construction of several new mines in the area. The journey upriver proved to be difficult indeed, filled with nights of uneasy sleep and nightmares. The travel put him in front of the realities of the colonial engine, something he had tried his best to ignore so far. After reaching a commercial post, Philippe was informed that “problematic circumstances” had delayed the projects he was assigned to and he had to wait until further notice. Effectively stuck, Philippe could not do anything if trying to stay strong. As his nightmares grew worse, Philippe denied his Heroic call as long as possible but, once again, he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Philippe’s path crossed with that of a fearsome Begotten whose legend had already begun to spread. The Beast in question lead his huge retinue of disciples and followers through some sort of insane quest, slaughtering everyone on their path like some sort of unholy crusade. The moment Philippe saw him, all the barriers of denials he had carefully built crumbled. He fled immediately.

        Through a combination of sheer luck and will to live, Philippe survived enough to be found by a group of merchants travelling through the jungle. With their help he managed to return to civilization and be reassigned to other jobs but, by that point, Philippe could not deny his nature anymore. The monster were all around him and the nightmares just would not stop. When he discovered a simple clerk that worked with him was a creature made of nightmares, Philippe’s heart skipped a handful of beats. While at first he thought that maybe, just maybe, there were some chances to not be killed by it, the idea of living along with a monster that could just snap any moment eventually led Philippe to action. Using his proficiency with the explosives and his ordinary appearance, he drove the Beast into a trap and then lit the fuse.

        Much to his dismay, Philippe discovered that was just the beginning.

        Description: Philippe is absolutely ordinary. A Belgian worker like many others, he has no vices, never argues with anyone and is the kind of man the others joke about innocently, so simple and fundamentally out of place. He genuinely laughs with them. A little bit on the pudgy side, Philippe shows some signs of the strain the life as a Hero put him under. He’s nervous, often jumps at loud noises and his eyes are surrounded by dark circles. While timid, Philippe opens up to anyone willing to listen and is desperately craving for friendship. When he spots a Begotten he does not act more nervously than usual (which, admittedly, it’s a lot), but his mind starts to develop all sort of paranoias and speculation that slowly bring him over the edge.

        Storytelling Hints: Philippe would rather just be left alone, wanting to have nothing to do with Beasts, Heroes and other monsters. Unluckily, the influence of the Primordial Dream in Congo makes it painfully impossible for any Hero to deny his call. This means Philippe keeps encountering Beasts whether he likes it or not. He unconsciously listens to his Heroic instincts and keeps finding new Begotten. Philippe would say that his instincts are what kept him alive and, in a way, he’s not wrong. While he definitely goes not go out looking for trouble, the awareness of a Beast being at large terrifies Philippe to the core. He keeps thinking that, eventually, they’ll come after him, perhaps because he’s somehow able to sense them. The actual danger posed by a Beast to him is a non-factor, since Philippe’s fear drives him to act without considering any alternatives.

        After months of living as a Hero, Philippe consider himself to be cursed and basically resigned to a life tormented by monsters. He does not get why he keeps stumbling upon them and he’s slowly building the idea that perhaps they do know and that they are indeed looking after him. To Philippe, that’s the best explanation he can find about the whole situation.

        Philippe is not a fighter. That said, when the fear and the impulse to slay Beasts drive him to action, Philippe is more dangerous than he seems. To his perception, the combination of lies and pretensions that he uses to lead the Begotten into his traps is born out of terror, improvisation and luck but, while Philippe might not be a master of deception nor a malevolent person, what he does surprisingly works. Philippe is so utterly unremarkable and harmless-looking than Beasts often don’t perceive him as a menace until it’s too late.

        Philippe builds his traps with whatever he can find. He has access to to storage of his trading company and his a good friend for many merchants, so finding material is not a problem for him. If given the chance, Philippe utilizes all sorts of explosives in order to kills Beasts. They are not subtle, but he’s good at handling them and seem to work better than any alternative he has. Better safe than sorry, after all

        Philippe is not a bad man, but he’s scared. He became part of a conflict that goes way beyond his zone of comfort. Beasts that don’t fall for his act or survive his traps have not a fearsome opponent in from of them. Philippe is aware of this and prefers to leave a place instead of having to fight against Beasts. He only strikes when he feels cornered or his Heroic call proves to be too strong, only to flee and hide again. Any Begotten that wishes to spare Philippe has a good chance to persuade him to stop if they somehow gain his trust. Philippe is a harmful Hero only because he believes to have no alternatives and does not like killing people, monster or not, at all. He’s rather traumatized by the series of misfortunes that happened to him but, with some time and effort, he can heal and learn to channel his impulses into something positive. He’d love to do that.

        Legend: Trapper
        Life: Reluctant
        Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2
        Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
        Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 4, Composure 2
        Mental Skills: Academics 2 (Trade), Enigmas 1, Craft 4 (Traps, Explosives), Politics 2 (Trading Companies), Science 3 (Explosives)
        Physical Skills: Firearms 1, Larceny 3, Stealth 4,
        Social Skills: Empathy 3, Persuasion 3, Socialize 1, Streetwise 2,Subterfuge 4 (Playing Dumb)
        Merits: Allies 2 (Traders), Anonymity 4, Contacts (Trading Companies), Eidetic Memory, Fleet of Foot 3, Library (Occult), Resources 2, Status 1 (Trading Companies), Sympathetic, Trained Observer
        Gifts: Loremaster, Real World
        Willpower: 4
        Integrity: 4

        Size: 5
        Initiative: 2
        Defense: 2
        Speed: 9
        Health: 7
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        Cinder's Comprehensive Collection of Creations - Homebrew Hub
        Currently writing: "Dark Era: The Forest That Weeps".

        Hopes to write about monsters, shapeshifters and soulless abominations someday. If you have criticism that can help me improve, I'm always here


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          I'm a little bit aimless right now, since essentially all that remains for Beast are sample characters and small stuff. So I'm asking to the good souls that are following, what you want to see next? The list is:

          - Mokele-mbembe and Kongamato
          - Sample Beasts (two normals Beasts, an Unfettered and a Rampant)
          - A couple of paragraphs about Insatiables and two sample ones
          - A bunch of paragraphs about Heroes and sample ones (only showed 2 out of 5 here)
          - Nightmares

          To be blunt, I don't know where to start from, so if you have any preference on how I should proceed feel free to let me know. The Beast part is almost done anyways, so I can adapt the order without any issues
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          Cinder's Comprehensive Collection of Creations - Homebrew Hub
          Currently writing: "Dark Era: The Forest That Weeps".

          Hopes to write about monsters, shapeshifters and soulless abominations someday. If you have criticism that can help me improve, I'm always here


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              Insatiables would be nice. At the moment I'm having trouble conceptualizing them as beings on their own, so it'd be nice to have perspectives from people like you.

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                One thing I'd consider neat is the inclusion of a psychic. You know, from the mortals corebook, as presented by a huuuuuge slew of Merits. It'd be nice to see a character that can fit seemlessly into just about any game!


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                  Very well, I'll go for Insatiables then. Thanks!

                  Originally posted by Demigod Beast View Post
                  One thing I'd consider neat is the inclusion of a psychic. You know, from the mortals corebook, as presented by a huuuuuge slew of Merits. It'd be nice to see a character that can fit seemlessly into just about any game!
                  Mmm, why not? I'll add it to the list of characters that can be useful for the setting regardless of the game that I plan to write at the very end. Suggestion appreciated and approved.

                  Cinder's Comprehensive Collection of Creations - Homebrew Hub
                  Currently writing: "Dark Era: The Forest That Weeps".

                  Hopes to write about monsters, shapeshifters and soulless abominations someday. If you have criticism that can help me improve, I'm always here


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                    Yay! I've left my mark on society! W00t!

           all seriousness though, it will be nice to see how a mortal psychic reacts to the overpowering presence and closeness of the Primordial Dream. And what are Nightmares, if not hyperspecialized psychic effects?


                    • I think there's some potential to work with about that, indeed.As long as I don't make him/her just a sort of "Sin-Eater Lite" and instead keep in mind to create a proper niche, I do believe I can make an interesting character.

                      Cinder's Comprehensive Collection of Creations - Homebrew Hub
                      Currently writing: "Dark Era: The Forest That Weeps".

                      Hopes to write about monsters, shapeshifters and soulless abominations someday. If you have criticism that can help me improve, I'm always here


                      • Time for Insatiables. Criticism is welcome as usual, for both parts. The fluff part is nothing unusual, but I'd like to hear what you think about it. The two sampe Insatiables are not nice people. I swear some sample Beast will not be as awful as them.
                        • Insatiables
                        “I don't think a single one of them had any clear idea of time, as we at the end of countless ages have. They still belonged to the beginnings of time”
                        Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

                        Looking at the Primordial Dream as if it were an ecosystem based on fears and stories, Beasts have the role of the keystone species that more than any other has an important role when it comes to maintain such ecosystem healthy and strong. It’s through the Begotten that the cycle of terror that shapes the Primordial Dream is sustained. Heroes might not be as essential as Beasts but they are still an integral part of the whole system, a phenomena directly related to the Begotten and that has almost as much importance. The heroic cycle, the primeval conflict between Beast and Heroes, is one of the fundamental elements of the Primordial Dream. It does not matter whether it is played straight, subverted or deconstructed: as long as it exists it empowers the all the elements that feed the Primordial Dream. Fears, hopes, survival and lessons born out of terror. Monsters and saviors, victims and executioners. The emotional feedback the fears Beasts embody obtains, magnified by the raw power of the monomyth in all its shapes, it’s arguably the greatest source of nourishment for the Primordial Dream. The Insatiables are a threat to that process.

                        Keeping with analogy of the “Primordial Dream as an ecosystem”, Insatiables are a parasyte. A dangerous, ancient and repulsive parasyte. Their presence grants nothing in return to the environment, as they only exist to perpetrate themselves. Technically speaking, the life of the Insatiables in Congo does not change because of overwhelming strength of the Primordial Dream. Whether they were rejected by the Dark Mother in distant ages or they were never supposed to belong to it in the first place, nowadays the Insatiables are alien elements for the Primordial Dream. Beast and Heroes appear much more frequently in Congo but the same cannot be said for Insatiables. And yet, those who do exist have plenty to gain from the situation. Parasites prosper when the species they feed on grow while remaining vulnerable, after all, and this is certainly the case.

                        As it is for all the other supernaturals in Congo, killing someone without being discovered or punished is far too easy, something that all Insatiables take advantage of. Few Insatiables bother to be cautious in the Congo Free State, at least when it comes to devouring humans. Wise ones still try to dispose of what remains of the corpses and hide the exact location of their Dens, but having such a high degree of freedom tends to make Insatiables even bolder and messier than usual. In a context where all monster have to struggle with their worst urges, Insatiables benefit from their utter lack of consideration for the human life. Beasts are the product of human fears and myths gaining mind and form. Fearsome, powerful and often cruel, but still something that’s born from and shaped by mankind. Insatiables are something spawned by moments when mankind was, at best, barely a part of the picture. Their perspective is dramatically self-centered and amoral. Most Insatiables in Congo just feast like there’s no tomorrow.

                        With so many Beasts around, Insatiables only have to choose where to start. In a certain way, they risk more than usual, since the Broods and the Hives are so densely populated, but, between the mundane chaos going on, the conflict between Beasts and other members of their Family and the constant threat of Heroes, it’s easy for Insatiables to walk unseen or disappear if things take the wrong turn for them. They’re alien elements in a system that’s overly crowded and, as such, they’re a threat from the outside that many don’t consider until it’s too late. Young Beasts often don’t know about Insatiables and Heroes don’t perceive them in the first place, even if they often stumble upon what they leave behind. As the Primordial Dream leads Beasts and Heroes to clash against each other, Insatiables wait in the shadows and strike when the Begotten are vulnerable. Many Beasts are taken by surprise and there’s not much they can do once the act of Subversion begins. Not to mention that the horrors caused by an Insatiable’s Schism are as not as easy to spot in Congo as they would be elsewhere, given that atrocities, madness and paranoia are the norm in many places. All this factors mean that a clever Insatiable is able to hide, feed and amass power with relative ease.

                        All that said, there’s an uneasy truth that gnaws at the mind of all Insatiables in Congo. Even if they play at being the superior predator (which, truth be told, they might be) they just feel out place. There are so many Beasts around, so many Heroes and so few of them. The Primordial Dream is stronger than ever, the Dark Mother seems to be everywhere but, for Insatiables, this does not translate into anything more than a wider range of preys. Even more than usual, Insatiables feel rejected. Most strike back at this sensation by tormenting Beasts even more, in an attempt to prove themselves better that is not as much a declaration of superiority than a pathetic effort to impress someone that cares not about them. Beast certainly don’t agree and the Dark Mother, if she has any attention to give to Insatiables, remains silent. The Progenitor is nowhere to be seen and those Insatiables who believe it existed in the first place are left puzzled and disconcerted. Even when it seems as if the Primordial Dream is about to merge with the real world, the Insatiables can’t help to feel as if there’s no role for them. Confronted with this harsh truth, almost all Insatiables agree they’d rather tear everything apart and carve a place for themselves out the carcasses of men and Beasts than quietly allow to be denied by a world that has left them behind.

                        - Sample Insatiables:

                        Joseph Verbiest
                        “Your sacrifice has a meaning, my friend. You die today in order to lend your strength to something greater: me”.

                        Joseph’s life started in Belgium. The fourth son of a simple craftsman, he was directed towards the clerical life since he was a boy. Growing up, Joseph hoped wholeheartedly that through faith he would find is reason to be and took his calling and his studies with total seriousness. He became a member of the Society of Jesus and, for all that matters, lead a rather ordinary life for the entirety of his first years as a Jesuit priest. Joseph followed dutifully the dictates of his mission but he found himself unable to embrace them in total honesty. A facade of conviction to hide a heart filled with doubt; something that Joseph hoped to get over in due time, but that showed no sign of actually ending. It was only when Joseph came to Congo as a missionary that things changed for real.

                        Travelling through the jungle is no easy feat. No matter how much a route is well established, no matter the experience of those in command, it is impossible to account for all the risks and dangers an expedition could face. As things start to go wrong, to lose themselves within the ocean of trees becomes a looming reality that everyone tries to ignore until it’s too late. That’s exactly what to Joseph’s group. A mistake, a wrong turn and suddenly the road disappears from sight. The man close to you contracts a vicious fever, meaning everyone has to slow down. One night a fiendish beast attacks and carries away a friend of yours to its den. As days become weeks, the food and the water begin to lack. Lost in the green inferno, forced to account for the weakness of others and surrounded by hostile creatures, Joseph slowly realized he’d do anything in order to survive. That epiphany coincided with him discovering his true nature of Insatiable. The entire expedition was wiped out before the end of the day.

                        Exalted by his newfound power, Joseph found in the terrible hunger that now existed within his souls a clarity of purpose that he always lacked. Joseph lives to satisfy his urges and nowadays all his life revolves around finding food. Whereas he clearly does not care anymore for the Catholic religion, under a certain perspective Joseph has traded his previous uncertain faith for another one dedicated to his own survival and supremacy. He considers himself blessed by a superior power (which, after some encounters with other Insatiables, he came to identify as the Progenitor) that has given him the access to a race to biological superiority he intends to win. Joseph likes to think that devouring those weaker than him and gathering enough power to triumph over other monsters is a sort of divine mandate for him, each meal another step towards transcendence.

                        Joseph is a clever predator. His favourite method to find new victims is to pretend he is nothing more than a helpless priest, a survivor from an expedition trapped in the depths of the jungle. He approaches isolated outposts or small groups of people and tells them a story where his party, tormented by savages, beasts and the cruel environment, had to endure for weeks before he somehow managed to emerge from the woods and call for help. A miracle, no other words to describe it. Joseph invents a different story each time, blaming things like mad commanders or tribes of bloodthirsty pagans, but the core remains the same: people are in danger and he’s the one that can guide any help to them. He then lures the rescue party back into the jungle, not far from his den, and forces them to face the dangers of nature as well. As the group gets lost looking for survivors that are not there, Joseph does his best to resist the hunger and wait for the right moment to strike. When this happens, Joseph abandons any pretense of human behavior and acts as the ravenous monster he is.

                        Description: For one that loves to pretend being a desperate survivor, Joseph looks the part. He’s gaunt, with a long brown beard and unkempt hair. His eyes look left and right, only stopping when to fixate too much on possible meals. Joseph’s visage, with his pronounced nose and high cheekbones, contributes to his tormented appearance. Overall, there’s a palpable aura of menace that surrounds him, not unlike the sensation a hungry animal gives, but Joseph justifies this with the lies he tells. He also tries his best to appear as sympathetic as possible, all in order to delay and divert any suspect other people might have about him.

                        When Joseph loses control, the manic animal he truly comes to the surface. He twitches, alternating between moments of complete silence and of insensate laughter, He raises his voice and starts to make fun of his preys, toying with them and telling them what they can expect when he decides to stop playing. To those who try to talk with him, Joseph is quite eager to explain his motives and the justifications he has for his actions, as if giving his sermon to those he’s about to devour can have any sort of meaning.

                        Joseph’s Horrific Form is a nauseating pile of sludge composed by water, dirt and something that resembles rotten flesh. Fanged mouths open on its surface constantly and the cartilaginous bones of aquatic creatures that never truly existed erupt from it as it moves. In this shape, Joseph moves by rolling around, moving like a hungry tide, but he has total control on his body and move accordingly.

                        Storytelling Hints: Joseph is a dangerous, if somewhat straightforward, antagonist. He has no allies whatsoever and leaves only corpses behind his wake. He despises Beasts, seeing them as a waste of potential shackled by their own weaknesses, and finds Heroes an hilarious pastime. Joseph tends to care not for the nature of his preys as long as they sate him, but his hate for Beasts motivates him to be more careful and vicious, in order to teach to teach to the member of that inferior race the lesson they deserve. This perspective reflects to the idea Joseph has of the Dark Mother as a weaker, useless entity when compared to his ideas about the divine Progenitor that blessed him. Joseph’s attitude barely changes when it comes to other Insatiables. He might have more consideration for them, but ultimately they’re nothing more than rivals and menaces to his dominance, creatures that earned his respect but not his mercy.

                        Joseph is less patient than his favourite expedient would require and often loses control of his appetites before his victims completely lower their guard. What actually allows hims to succeed, aside his considerable might as an Insatiable, is the fact that most of his victims have to deal with the hostile environment of the jungle along with the menace Joseph represents. In those rare occasions he is forced to spend long periods of time in a social context away from the jungle, Joseph actually enjoys pretending to be harmless and friendly. It’s something that appeals to his sense of superiority and plays into his idea than the others deserve to die because they don’t see the danger coming. Unfortunately for him, Joseph can’t keep the act for long and, even when he originally planned to play with his victims for a while, he often succumbs to a feeding frenzy. This is not usually a problem but, when it comes to hunting Beasts or other supernaturals, it has caused Joseph more issues than needed.

                        Joseph spends most of his time in the jungle, close to his nauseating Den, but he leaves and travels from time to time. When this happens, he feeds carelessly, but tries to cover his mess at least long enough for him to leave undisturbed. He can still play the part of the Jesuit priest quite well (at least for brief periods of time) and usually that’s enough for him to avoid most annoyances. He only stops when he finds one or more Beasts. If that happens, he tries to learn about them as much as he can and then he begins the act of Subversion. Joseph is not particularly attached to the idea of having a Lair and, while he agrees it feels good to break his way into the Primordial Dream and deprive a Beast of its home and body, it’s all just a preamble to the act of feeding for him. More than anything else, Joseph enjoys being a cannibal.

                        Still technically a priest, Joseph has the chance to use his role or his connection with the Jesuit should it suit him. This rarely happens, as he dislikes having to return to the civilization and fight his urges, but it has happened in the past. Sometimes, he targets groups of missionaries as some sort of distorted joke, leading them to their death and enjoying every moment of it.

                        Joseph main weakness is that he’s arrogant. He’s not as manipulative as he thinks himself to be and the uncanny feeling the others get from him plays against his deceptions. Most people justify this by the fact he’s supposed to be a traumatized survivor of a doomed expedition, but not everyone does. Joseph also risks to bite more than he can chew, both literally and metaphorically. Joseph considers himself to be the strongest and often overlooks the true threat posed by others. Beasts are, to him, inferior by default and can’t possibly beat him. Humans, even Heroes or Hunters, are even less. Truth be told, Joseph is quite strong, but his overconfidence can be used against him: he’s not gonna stop even in front of elder Begotten or bands of hunters.

                        Legend: Cannibal
                        Life: Friendly
                        Moment: Primordial Seas
                        Hunger: Prey
                        Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 3
                        Physical Attributes: Strength 5, Dexterity 2, Stamina 4
                        Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 3, Composure 3
                        Mental Skills: Academics 4 (Catholic Religion), Enigmas 2, Investigation 1, Medicine 1 , Occult 1, Politics 1,
                        Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 4 (Grappling), Stealth 1, Survival 3 (Jungle) , Weaponry 3 (Knife)
                        Social Skills: Empathy 4, Expression 1, Intimidation 2, Persuasion 4, Socialize 1, Subterfuge 4 (Tragic Stories)
                        Merits: Area of Expertise (Catholic Religion), Danger Sense, Fast Reflexes 2, Fleet of Foot 1, Indomitable, Iron Skin 2, Iron Skin (Advanced, 2), Killer Instinct 2, Relentless Assault 3, Status (Jesuits, 1)
                        Esurients: Cast Aside, Body Of Mouths, Foul Mess, Impossible Vista, Terrible Form
                        Nightmares: All Your Teeth Are Falling Out, Run Away, They Are All Around You; You Are Alone.
                        Willpower: 6
                        Lair: 0
                        Size: 5
                        Initiative: 7
                        Defense: 5
                        Speed: 14
                        Health: 9
                        Armor: 2/2

                        Nadine Ngouabi

                        “You were doomed the moment you looked at me and did not notice the inferno that burns beneath my skin. A mistake you won’t be able to repeat”

                        Daughter of a couple of ex-slaves bought from the Arabs that became part of the entourage of a Protestant missionary; Nadine grew up while her country was changing. Her parents converted to the faith of the white man and she was educated as a one, yet they lived in the village of her ancestors and acted as a bridge between the two cultures. Being forced into a role that she never asked for, Nadine came to despise her life as a children of two worlds. Other Africans looked at her with suspect and the Westerners always made her feel inferior. Nadine harbored disdain both for her family and those around her, all responsible for her life as an outsider. As she let her frustration out, the division between Nadine and the others only worsened. The inhabitants of her village considered her rude and insolent and even her own parents did not know what to do with her, preferring to dedicate their time to help the community improve and to their other children. On a day not different from many others, Nadine was on her way back home trying to hold back her tears. Nowadays she does not even remember what actually happened that day to make her angry. What she remembers are tears made of molten iron and the swirling cloud of smoke she saw around her once she opened her eyes. Nadine embraced her nature and used it without remorse.

                        By the time King Leopold claimed Congo as his own, Nadine had grown into a young woman of almost unnatural beauty. The people that look at her, black or white, are always struck by her appearance and can’t help but to try to get in her good grace. Nadine is well aware of the irony of the situation. While she is not attracted to men or women, Nadine is smart enough to understand that her looks give her a degree of power. From time to time, there were always some that, seeing a beautiful woman living alone, attempted to take advantage of her, but they had no change to regret their decisions.

                        As time passed, Nadine looked at what was happening around her and predicted what the consequences the arrival of the Westerners would have. Knowing well what having power over others means, she was prepared to deal with the constant social changes that happened as Congo became a colonial country. Even if her Insatiable nature granted her enough physical power to overcome her foes and survive pretty much anything, Nadine was not satisfied with being just another African woman on the run. She wanted more: control, authority and adoration. All while living a comfortable life. She was aware that her gender and the color of her skin would complicate things for her, but those were problems she could overcome.

                        Nadine travelled along the river until she found a place that suit her tastes: a trading station of considerable size, crossroad for many of the commercial routes of the region. It did not take long for her to turn the station into her own little kingdom. Initially, she infiltrated the house of the commander of the trading station and earned a place within it. To the inhabitants of the station, she’s the lover of the commander. In truth, he never touched her. Nadine simply took control of the place thanks to her powers. The commander is only a puppet she uses to keep things going and avoid any trouble with the government and the colonial forces. Some officers of the station are aware Nadine is the one in command but, through a combination of charm, fear and scorching punishments, they learned well it’s better to not protest. They have no idea what Nadine exactly is, but they’re not eager to discover it. The other ones that work at the station might not be aware of her supernatural nature, but are aware she’s the one pulling the strings. This is intentional: Nadine wants them to know it and to be afraid to her, so they can treat her as the terrible queen she wants to be.

                        Nadine cares not for the lives of those around her. She makes no distinction between black and whites, considering all equally inferior to her. Nadine rules the station from the shadows, using her “lover” to sign the papers and make all the official statements. Arguably, the station has become more efficient since her arrival, but that’s only because she makes sure work gets done in order to avoid annoyances. She’s not against getting her hand dirty if needed but prefers to let the guards deal with most of the problem. It’s their job, after all. Those who serve Nadine well are allowed a considerable amount of freedom while those who oppose her don’t last long. People at the station are used to the sight of charred corpses being left as a warning.

                        From her position, Nadine has no trouble feeding, since between all those forced to work to provide material to the station and the many travellers that pass through the place, she has plenty of targets available. She tends to pick on lonely travellers or sick or problematic individuals, but that’s only because it’s more practical. Hiding corpses is not a problem as well, as her men dispose of most of them like they would with any other body. People are aware that something odd is happening, but there’s little they can do. Sometimes Nadine abandons any caution and just kills random people , embracing the catharsis the act gives her, even if this has eventually lead to stories about a monster made of smoke and fire spreading around. She does not mind: she realizes going on a killing spree while in her Horrific Form would destroy everything she carefully build but, at the same time, enjoys the fact people speak about her monstrous shape with dread. Nadine enjoys being feared way more than being loved and it shows. Those she selects to feed from have to endure terrible torments before the pain ends: Nadine tortures them and burns them alive piece after piece. wanting nothing more to hear them scream as they squirm helplessly.

                        While stationary, Nadine has encountered Beasts and other supernaturals from time to time. She considers the Begotten the only true menace to her little kingdom. With them, she acts fast and hunts them down personally, trying to subvert their Lair and steal their powers. Nadine exposes herself more than usual when it comes to Beasts but it’s risk she’s willing to take. Other supernaturals are given the chance to serve her as usual If they refuse, they’ll face the same consequences of anyone else

                        Description: Nadine is an African woman of striking appearance. She dresses with the finest fabrics available and walks with the pride and authority few other women can afford to have in Congo. She maintains a degree of separation between herself and other people, seeing them as subjects and food at the same time. When she wants to be listened, Nadine does not waste any word and goes straight to the point, expecting others to do as ordered. At this point, she barely keeps pretending to be the commander’s lover, but she still enjoys playing the part for her own amusement. When left alone with her “partner”, she drops the act completely and minds her own business as he’s left shaking in a corner.

                        Her Den is located in the hold of a steamboat nobody uses. Nadine is not able to move the ship on her own, but usually there’s no need it do it. Broken steamboats left to rust are a common sight along the baks of Congo.

                        Nadine’s Horrific Form is a twister of smoke and cinders. Limbs of molten iron erupt from the figure and burn everything they come in contact with.

                        Storytelling Hints: Nadine is dangerous not only because of her own powers but also because she’s managed to build a solid base to consolidate her power. She has many people that work for her and can use the commander of the station to call from official backup from the company or even from the Force Publique if needed. It’s something she’d rather avoid, preferring to solve the problem herself, but if the alternative is exposing herself too much, she’ll have no qualms about it.

                        Those that want to defeat are can’t hope to face her directly without drawing too much attention and having to fight many people before managing to get to her. The best chance one has against her would be to deprive her of her defenses. On a local level, she’s strong and almost impossible to remove from her position, but if something happens to the station commander, she’ll find herself in a vulnerable position (at least for a while). During the period before another commander is appointed, she has no way to access to the official channels of authority. The officers of the station have no love for Nadine and despise being forced to serve her like slaves. Given the chance, they can be convinced to rebel against her with relative ease.

                        Nadine is not a menace wise to underestimate, given that she’s clever, persuasive and, if everything else fails, an Insatiable of destructive power.

                        Legend: Cruel
                        Moment: Molten Earth
                        Hunger: Power
                        Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 3
                        Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4
                        Social Attributes: Presence 6, Manipulation 4, Composure 2
                        Mental Skills: Academics 1, Investigation 3 (Beasts), Occult 2, Politics 3 (Trading Companies)
                        Physical Skills: Brawl 3, Firearms 1, Larceny 2, Stealth 3 (Crowds),
                        Social Skills: Empathy 1, Expression 3 (Singing), Intimidation 2, Persuasion 4, Socialize 5, Subterfuge 1
                        Merits: Allies 3 (Station Workers), Common Sense, Contacts (Trading Companies), Epic Potential (Presence), Guilty Pleasure (Torture), Language (French), Patient, Resources 4; Safe Place 3, Striking Looks 2
                        Atavisms: Dragonfire. Storm-Lashed
                        Esurients: The Burning, Channel The Lifeblood, Obedience, Your Power Is Mine
                        Nightmares: Behold My True Form!, Everything You Do Is Worthless, You Must Obey
                        Willpower: 5
                        Lair: 2
                        Size: 5
                        Initiative: 5
                        Defense: 3
                        Speed: 11
                        Health: 9
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                        • In case anyone's wondering, I deliberately downplayed the role Insatiables have no matter the favorable circumstances. Felt like it was a needed thing, since it's thematically more fitting for the "Beast Vs Beast" and "Beast Vs Heroes" conflicts to take the center stage.

                          I do like Insatiables, but I believe this Dark Era as I wrote it is not their time to shine. I hope this does not disappoints you.

                          Cinder's Comprehensive Collection of Creations - Homebrew Hub
                          Currently writing: "Dark Era: The Forest That Weeps".

                          Hopes to write about monsters, shapeshifters and soulless abominations someday. If you have criticism that can help me improve, I'm always here


                          • Yay! Insatiables!


                            • I'm eager to see the GtSE portions of this Dark Era. I have the Geist corebook and am really looking forward to this. This is quality material---keep up the great creativity!


                              • Thanks! I hope the others will like the Insatiables and the upcoming stuff as well; don't want to screw up on the conclusion. Also beginning to make real plans for Geist, as we're only two chapters away from it

                                Cinder's Comprehensive Collection of Creations - Homebrew Hub
                                Currently writing: "Dark Era: The Forest That Weeps".

                                Hopes to write about monsters, shapeshifters and soulless abominations someday. If you have criticism that can help me improve, I'm always here