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[Fanmade Dark Era] [Beast/Geist] The Forest That Weeps

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  • Cinder
    started a topic [Fanmade Dark Era] [Beast/Geist] The Forest That Weeps

    [Fanmade Dark Era] [Beast/Geist] The Forest That Weeps

    People, I finally began working on that Belgian Congo Dark Era I promised to do ages ago. It originally was meant to be a Beast Dark Era, but as I learned more and more about natives religions and the place the dead have in it, I could not help but to add Geist to it. It just felt right.

    I'm posting the link to the whole work here, while also making individual post to the completed parts for a simple reason. I'm essentially making this "open development", if you pass me the term, because writing a Dark Era is no easy feat and I'm not sure I can make it from beginning to end without any imput. I'd love to say that I'm good enough to pull it off, but I don't think I am. This specific Dark Era, considering what it is about, is also a tricky one to do well, and thus I believe sharing the project here while it is still going can only help.

    Criticism is absolutely welcome. I have a picture in mind of what the end result will be and I know how I will treat the delicate parts, but really, do tell me what you think about both what I post and what your general thoughts are

    Here's the link to the chapter as a whole
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  • Cinder
    Alright, I took a decision:

    I'll go for the whole thing, with a rhytm that's the right balance between spare time and proper "development". I've found and ordered some solid source books to use for Geist, will add a short section about other gamelines at the end, and perhaps even add a crossover chapter. I want this to come out as best as it can, enough to look back at it and be proud.

    In the meantime, I think I'll clean up some shorter things I wrote and try to put those in the Vault, with the hope they can provide a little art budget for the Dark Era (at the very least, I'd like to have pictures for Mokele-mbembe, Kongamato and a certain Kerberos).

    Long story short, I'll get back to work

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  • FallenEco
    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
    Maybe publish Era for Storytelling Vault in two or thee parts? One general historical background, one Beast section, and then Geist one? I suspect that materiał do not intermigling there more than hand sought like in Beast section 'see Geist section for more info'.
    That sounds like the safest way to do it for your sanity Cinder. I want you to know that your effort is appreciated. You've done really well and I look forward to buying this Era in whatever form is available when it goes to the Vault.

    I tend to worry about burnout with content creators and if splitting it in two gives you breathing room, then so be it.

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  • wyrdhamster
    Maybe publish Era for Storytelling Vault in two or thee parts? One general historical background, one Beast section, and then Geist one? I suspect that materiał do not intermigling there more than hand sought like in Beast section 'see Geist section for more info'.

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  • Cinder
    Ok folks, real talk.

    Even if I have not written new material for the Dark Era while waiting for Geist, I've been editing and changing this project here and there for more than an year. It is already a book and, when it comes to fanmade content, the thing I'm most personally proud of. I worked really hard on it and it's both my humble tribute to the Dark Eras and to one of the first books that made me fall in love with White Wolf and Wraith back in the day.

    I can take a couple of weeks to clean it up, add what needs to be added to the Beast section after the Player's Guide happened and try to release it for the Storyteller's Vault. A part of me wants to do it, because I do think it's solid work and that's something which does not happen often to me. I'm usually a doubtful dumbass, no surprise there. I want this thing to get out in the open and see if audiences like it. That's the reason why I've been looking for sensitivity readers and external feedback for this in the last couple of months (no luck about it, I have to sadly admit.).

    Or, and this is the alternative, I can wait for the final Geist PDF, read it as it should be read before writing fanmade material for it, do some more research and sit down and write the Geist section. Won't be easy, won't be quick and it will add plenty of pages to a Dark Era that's already big. Because, even if I'm cutting words, paragraphs and making improvements thanks to the lessons learned in the last several months (soon I'll reread everything and remove all the "that" in excess), I'm of the idea a Dark Era like this one can exploit the fact there's no wordcount for fan works in order to get something positive. Complex Era, details, examples and hooks tend to not hurt.

    I started this because of Heart of Darkness. That fueled the pitch for the Beast section. Then I made a lot of research about the actual people who endured, suffered and died during those years. That can provide fuel for the Geist section, but would take a really long time.

    Pros and cons, conflicting desires. I'll sort it out, eventually (I think I know the answer I'll give myself but pretend not to), but I could really use to hear what those who might read it think about it.

    EDIT: Yeah, the modern Congo setting in Contagion was the last spark I needed to face this little dilemma more openly.
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  • FallenEco
    And now we have a DRC chapter in Contagion...have fun

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  • Demigod Beast
    Considering the massive culture shock the Congo brings in this Dark Era, I imagine Inguma would be fairly plentiful.

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  • Cinder
    Originally posted by Demigod Beast View Post
    Now that the Player’s Guide is out, are you perhaps going to add that new material to this Dark Era? There’s a lot of good there, and seeing it implemented herein would be awesome.
    Yeah, it's in the plans. Already spent some time thinking about that (of course I did, some might snicker : P ). Many new elements are perfect and thematic, but some are too much and will require me to be really careful in order to implement them tastefully. It's a tough Dark Era, as always. But I'll do it!

    Probably when Geist comes out and I return to Congo for it, I'll get back to Beast as well.
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  • Demigod Beast
    Now that the Player’s Guide is out, are you perhaps going to add that new material to this Dark Era? There’s a lot of good there, and seeing it implemented herein would be awesome.

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  • Cinder

    And here's my own Kurtz. With him, the Beast part is officially done. I can always come back at it later and add stuff if needed, especially considering the Player's Guide will include new Families and Hunger but, for now, it's over.

    It's been a ride. Thanks to everyone for following me so far. I have a problem with losing attention and determination about huge projects, jumping from a thing to another, but your support, feedback and criticism have kept this project alive and improved it. Thank you so much. It sounds trite but it's not: without you, none of this could have been possible. I hope you'll still be here when Geist moment comes.

    Leon Schiltz

    “A few nights ago, I dreamed of a moth drawn to the flame of a candle. As I saw it fly into the fire and burn to death, I realized it: the moth did not do it because of the lure of the light, but rather because of the terror of the darkness. And it’s looking in that very darkness that I saw myself”

    Sailing through Congo, the name of Leon Schiltz keeps coming up. People talk about him in whispers, as if saying his name could earn his attention. At first, stories about him don’t tell much. He’s a hero, a diligent worker, a man of extraordinary intellect and education. An example for all his peers, that’s for sure. And yet if this were the only truth, it would not explain the dread that accompanies any mention of him. It is only by venturing into the heart of the jungle that the stories shed more light on the enigmatic figure of Leon Schiltz. When the sun sets and the men exchange cautionary tales, that’s when the picture becomes clearer and, at the same time, darker.

    Leon Schiltz was already a veteran soldier when he arrived to Congo. He joined the Force Publique and fought several bloody campaigns in the east of the country, fighting against slavers and natives. He criticized many times the efficiency and lack of discipline of the army, something that earned him many enemies and got him assigned to the worst operations available, with only a handful of men. When, after months of silence, Schiltz returned alive and victorious while bringing entire boats filled of ivory with him, the government in Boma had no choice but to give him all the awards and honors it could possibly grant to a single man. Leon Schiltz left the Force Publique and asked to be reassigned. With the blessing of King Leopold himself, they sent Schiltz to a trading station located in the farthest depths of the jungle, giving him weapons, men and total authority. Schiltz became a sort of special case, a man that cut through any sort of bureaucracy and had to answer to anybody as long as he brought results. Something he unquestionably did.

    From upriver, rubber, ivory and all sorts of precious materials kept coming as an unchecked flood. After some time though, also came the stories. They said that Schiltz’s method were...bizarre, unsavory. For the standards of the Congo Free State, that’s saying something. The sailors that travelled upstream said that Schiltz had lost his mind, mingling with natives and spending his days talking with the darkness of the jungle. Tales of flayed corpses and altars made of skulls where Schiltz was worshipped as a god by his men and the locals. Eventually, even considering Schiltz’s achievements, the people in Boma began to wonder. Officials sent to investigate never returned, the only sporadic trace of their existence being some delirious letters were they told they had no intention to come back.

    Nobody knows at which point Leon Schiltz became a Beast, but even those aware of his true nature argue that the Devouring magnified an already existing monster into a harbinger of ruin and darkness.

    Something happened to Schiltz within the jungle. The man saw something and underwent an unholy revelation. His mind broke and, empowered by his nature of Begotten, Schiltz created a kingdom of madness and nightmares that’s shaped by the darkest corners of the human mind. Becoming connected with the Primordial Dream and embracing his identity of monster, Leon Schiltz has found an answer to all the questions that ever plagued his mind. Schiltz witnessed the worst horrors mankind had to offer and evolved beyond it, shredding any semblance of human desires and morality he might have had in the past. He’s on a whole different level of darkness than the human monsters of Congo and, even to other supernatural, it’s evident that Schiltz is so inhumanly insane that he can’t be considered a man anymore.

    The most chilling truth about Schiltz is that his madness has some sort of mind-breaking clarity to it. It’s as if there’s something within Schiltz’s words that understands the horrors that happen in Congo, something that offers a meaning to all the torments and cruelties. He might be a Beast of terrifying power that masters the nightmares of the Primordial Dream with ease, but the most dangerous side of Schiltz is the one born from his mind and charisma. Schiltz is truly a triumphant Beast, one that merged with its Horror as if it was the easiest thing to do, and everything about him resonates with the dark truths of the Primordial Dream.

    Nowadays, Schiltz leads his army of worshippers across the jungle, inflicting terror and devastation as his unexplainable urges demand him to. His men are completely loyal and those who fight against Schiltz are terrified of facing him. Often, the mere idea Leon Schiltz is coming is enough to make people surrender before the fight, hoping that this will earn them the mercy that inevitably does not happen. Schiltz himself is shaping his own Legend, his power growing along with his madness. He is obsessed by the wisdom of the Primordial Dream and, if a pattern can be found in his erratic wanderings, it seems as almost as if Schiltz is trying to follow all the sightings of the Dark Mother. Leon believes that someday, he’ll prove worth to the eyes of the Mother Of Monsters, and that she’ll let him meet her. It’s in her motherly embrace that Schiltz is convinced that his eternal search for transhuman wisdom will enter the next level.

    Description: Leon Schiltz is a man of terrible presence. He’s lean and fit, like a predator waiting in the darkness, with an aura of awe and dread surrounding him. Schiltz keeps his head completely shaven, meaning the drops of water and sweat that cover his skin stand out with clarity. His skin his tense and hardened, as if the skeleton beneath is about to emerge. Schiltz’s most impressive feature are his eyes, pools of bright darkness that stare right into the souls of those who speak with him.

    Schiltz speaks slowly, in low tones, taking his time and breaking his sentences with gestures and meditated actions. Yet, even through noise and chaos, Schiltz stands out. He naturally imposes silence with its mere presence, but the few times he raises the voice, the words came out with the might of a terrible revelation

    Leon Schiltz’s Horror is a cloud of tangible darkness. Within it, ivory white bones come to the surface like those of unearthed corpses. The Horror’s true body is the dreadful creature made of skulls and skeletons which cloaks itself with the darkness. Schiltz’s Lair is a reflection of the heart of the jungle perpetually plunged in a night without moons, stars or any sort of light

    Storytelling Hints: Leon Schiltz is a terrible example of what total acceptance of one’s Horror can do to a Beast. Schiltz has completely abandoned his humanity: all that matters now is his Legend and his insane goals.

    Schiltz is a fearsome opponent. He has a literal army of men at his orders and, as a Beast, he’s a powerful and ruthless one. He is willing to do things that other people would consider to be madness without thinking twice and he does not stop until he obtains what he wants. As mentioned before, his greatest strength lies in his sharp intellect and superhuman talent to make others sees things as he sees them.

    As a Ravager, it seems that Schiltz’s Hunger is based around destroying the illusions of civilization and order people try to keep up even when facing the horror. Schiltz considers all the attempts to maintain a human morality as lies that have no reason to be, and he enjoys showing others why that truth has to be embraced. The monomyth that haunts the heart of mankind is one made of passions and violences unbridled by such treachery. You have an enemy? Exterminate it completely. You want something? Take it. You’re a monster? Embrace your nature and act as one.

    Legend: Obsessed.
    Life: Paragon
    Family: Eshmaki
    Mental Attributes:Intelligence 5, Wits 3, Resolve 5
    Physical Attributes:Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
    Social Attributes:Presence 6, Manipulation 5, Composure 4
    Mental Skills: Academics 4, Enigmas 2, Craft 3 (Macabre Ornaments), Investigation 3, Medicine 2, Occult 2 (Dark Mother), Politics 2, Science 1
    Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 4, Ride 4, Firearms 4, Larceny , Stealth 4 (Total Darkness), Survival 3 , Weaponry 4 (Saber)
    Social Skills: Animal Ken 3, Empathy 3 (Motives) Expression 4 (Painting, Violin), Intimidation 4 (Torture), Persuasion 5 (Brainwashing), Socialize 3,Subterfuge 2 Merits: Allies 5, Danger Sense, Eidetic Memory, Eidetic Memory (Advanced), Epic Potential (Presence), Fame 2, Famed (Advanced, 2), Fast Reflexes 2, Inspiring, Iron Will, Killer Instinct 3, Killer Instincts (Advanced, 1), Small Units Tactics, Trained Observer 2,
    Lair:5 (Sealed Exits, Extreme Cold, Darkness, Rotting)
    Atavisms: Eye Of Heaven, From The Shadows, Infestation, Limb From Limb, Relentless Hunter, Shadowed Soul.
    Nightmares: Behold My True Form!, Everything You Do Is Worthless, Run Away, You Can’t Wake Up
    Size: 5
    Initiative: 2
    Speed: 13
    Health: 9

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  • Cinder
    Here are the Rampant and the Unfettered. The Rampant started as a Makara, sort of a hippopotamus thing, but my mind kept screaming "Crocodile-hyena! Crocodile-hyena!" and I could not help it. At that point, Eshmaki made more sense.

    Yogo Mmagu, The Fiend of Katanga

    “Loud, growling hiss”

    There’s something stalking the hills of Katanga. It attacks everyone that crosses its path, making no distinction between men, women and children. While the colonial authorities initially dismissed reports about the creature as superstition, after dozens of workers and soldiers being slaughtered they could not help but to accept its existence. The official stance is that the creature is a rabid animal of some kind, a man-eater that keeps on eluding the hunters sent after it, but those who survive an encounter with the monster instinctively know it is something more terrible. People call it “The Fiend Of Katanga”, a scourge that has been terrorizing the province for months. Most people that hear about it have no idea of what it might be, but for the Begotten it is not hard to realize the Fiend is one of their kind, a Beast that has lost its mind and became a Rampant.

    Those who investigate about the Fiend will discover that, among supernaturals, its identity is somewhat of an open secret. The Fiend was once a man known as Yogo Mmagu, an Eshmaki Tyrant that went through his Devouring not long ago. Yogo tried to adapt to life as a Begotten, but there were aspects of it he could not make peace with. The dreams, the ephemeral world and all that fuss about Family that constantly forced him to deal with the weird problems other supernaturals had: Yogo never managed to wrap his head around those things. He tried, encouraged by other members of his Brood, but without much success. Yogo could understand Hunger and wanting to feel good about it, but the rest? All stuff that only made life more complicated. As if managing to survive was not already difficult without things like spirits, nightmares, Heroes and meaningless restraints. And that’s without even taking weirder things for consideration, like faeries on the run from their captors, hollow men trying to somehow gain a souls and mages with their obsession for secrets and mysteries became part of the picture. All Yogo wanted was to life his life without having to deal with that nonsense.

    Yogo kept on trying, but even to his Brood mates it was clear the Beast just was not cut for it. The Eshmaki treated all the non-Beasts as a nuisance and every time he was forced to interact with them by the circumstances, he always caused more trouble than needed. Eventually, the pressure and constant annoyances ruined even the relationship Yogo had with other Beasts. One day, he simply decided to leave all those problems behind. That’s when he became a Rampant.

    When Yogo disappeared and the Fiend of Katanga took its place, it was not a peaceful transition. The Merger destroyed any trace of humanity Yogo had and made space for a creature that has no mercy or regrets. The Fiend is fiercely territorial, a result of the combination of its animalistic side and its Hunger for power. Everyone that approaches the places where the Fiend lives is considered an invader that must be destroyed. Other supernaturals have learned well to avoid the Fiend, since its viciousness does not spare anyone. Some Beasts, including Yogo’s Brood mates, have tried to communicate with the Fiend but, if the monster is able to understand, it sure does not care or listen.

    The Fiend of Katanga is a bloodthirsty monster that only cares about itself and the places it thinks belong to it, more of a scourge and cautionary tale than anything else.

    Description: The Fiend’s appearance is true to its name. The monster that was once Yogo Mmagu barely resembles anything human anymore. The Fiend is a nightmarish hybrid, a chimera that is the combination of crocodile, hyena, great feline and man. The creature runs at insane speeds while on its six limbs but is also able to stand on its legs like a man. Whether with the sharps teeths of its elongated, reptilian mouth or with its vicious claws, the Fiend of Katanga rips its opponents apart with ease.

    The Fiend is a stealthy creature. Most don’t spot him until it’s too late. It spends most of its time lazily waiting inside a body of water or hiding within the grass. It attacks quickly and without any restraint, but it truly shows its viciousness only when hunting down those it considers to be trespassers. When that happens, the Fiend goes into a killing frenzy and does not stop until the invaders are slain.

    Storytelling Hints: The Fiend is, without any doubt, a source of problems. If the characters encounter it, it’s a clear and savage opponent. If they steer away, it’s still a destructive monster whose action threaten everybody and attract tons of unwanted attention. Many Hunters and Heroes know about the Fiend and are on its tracks, meaning their presence in the region complicates every supernatural’s life.

    The Fiend might not be exactly sentient but, as a predator, it’s a clever and vicious one. Worse than all, the Fiend knows its hunting ground better than almost anyone, meaning that fighting it on its turf will be extremely dangerous.

    Yogo’s Brood is still out there and they’re aware of the problem the Fiend represents. Some of them still wear the scars that happened after Yogo went through the Merger. They are reluctant to outright slay the Fiend, since Yogo was a friend of theirs after all, but they can offer help, informations and even be convinced to act if persuaded.

    Legend: Territorial
    Family: Eshmaki
    Hunger: Power
    Mental Attributes:Intelligence 2, Wits 5, Resolve 3
    Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 6, Stamina 4
    Social Attributes:Presence 2, Manipulation 1, Composure 2
    Mental Skills: Investigation 1 (Trespassers)
    Physical Skills:Athletics 5 (Swimming), Brawl 4 (Bite), Stealth 4 (Water), Survival 1,
    Social Skills: Intimidation 2
    Merits: Danger Sense, Direction Sense, Double Jointed, Double Jointed (Advanced), Epic Potential (Dexterity), Fast Reflexes 2, Fleet of Foot 3, Iron Skin 2, Relentless Assault 1.
    Willpower: 5
    Atavisms: From The Shadows, Heart Of The Ocean, Limb From Limb.
    Size: 5
    Initiative: 10
    Health: 9
    Armor: 4/0
    Notes: the Fiend has the benefits of Armor, Body Warp (Brawl +2) and Increased Awareness.


    The Emerald Moth

    The story of the Emerald Moth begins with Catherine Doherty. Catherine was the eldest daughter of a famous American adventurer, Richard Doherty. When her father said he wanted to go to Congo for a hunting expedition, Catherine managed to convince him to bring her along. She had no love for hunt, but Catherine saw it as an occasion to see places and make experiences she could have never done otherwise.

    Catherine soon learned that Congo was not at all like the journals described it. The exotic paradise and place of enlightened colonialism was a shameless lie: the truth shook Catherine to the core. Wishing with all her heart to be able to help, Catherine’s frustration grew the more she found herself unable to do anything meaningful. Her father dismissed her preoccupations as naive and dangerous, while other people in their entourage barely considered her words. The moment Catherine embraced her nature as a Namtaru Nemesis, things finally made sense. She now had the power to change things. Or at least that’s what she hoped for.

    Things proved to be more difficult that Catherine hoped. There certainly is not a lack of people to punish in Congo, but even a Beast can’t only do so much by herself. Being unable to make a difference tormented Catherine and she felt that all her efforts and struggles were not worth the cost. With time, Catherine grew uneasy with her life as Beast, feeling that, after the initial power rush, the practical realities of being a Begotten were not something she felt at ease with. Beneath all her good intentions, Catherine still hurt people and traumatized them. Catherine just was not able to reconcile her principles with her monstrous inner nature. While being attacked by a Hero that tracked her down and barely surviving, Catherine realized to not be against the idea of dying. That would have meant no more suffering to witness nor to cause. She drove her Horror to slumber and then walked knowingly into a trap. Leading the Hero into his Lair, Catherine did nothing to avoid being slain, embracing death as a welcome release. What Catherine did not know was that perishing that way would turn her into the Emerald Moth.

    Nowadays, the Emerald Moth is a creature that wanders between this world and the Primordial Dream looking for beauty and peace. The Unfettered Horror carries some of Catherine’s personality within, namely her love for frail and defenseless creatures. The Emerald Moth flies around, followed by swarms of insects and little spirits, being at the same time graceful and merciless.

    Description: The Emerald Moth is bigger than one can expect, but its apparitions are an eerie, almost beautiful experience. Its wings are vast, blue-green wonders that shine with the light of the moon and, everywhere it goes, the Moth leaves a glittering dust behind. If one looks hard enough, it is possible to spot human eyes hidden within the wings. As long as nobody disturbs it, the Moth rarely becomes hostile but, when enraged, it attacks with surprising cruelty. The Moth summons swarms of insects against its enemies and drains the life out of their bodies. The Emerald Moth seems unable to speak, the only sounds she emits an unearthly choir of alien voices but, sometimes, the voices converge into words that can be understood.

    Storytelling Hints: The Emerald Moth is a somewhat tragic example of the ideals of a young Beast crushing against the harsh realities of the world. The same circumstances that allowed Catherine to feed easily (even if they eventually made her fall prey to grief and depression) allow the Moth to never feel hungry. The Emerald Moth does not care for humans, having lost any semblance of humanity the day Catherine died.

    Rank: 4
    Attributes:Power 10, Finesse 11 , Resistance 10
    Corpus: 15
    Willpower: 10
    Initiative: 21
    Defense: 10
    Influences: Fear 2, Insects 2
    Numina:Bane Sense, Blast, Dement, Drain, Emotional Aura, Innocuous, Nightmare Weaponry, Rapture
    Manifestations: Discorporate, Gauntlet Breach, Materialize, Nightmare Apparition, Twilight Form.
    Ban:Must punish those who hurt the innocents and the weak
    Bane: A dead butterfly reduced to dust
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  • Cinder
    First of the Sample Beasts. Mokele-Mbembe and Kongamato might technically be one, but I try to make examples that offer different perspective. This one goes for the "missionary that means well" archetype. Next ones will be the Rampant, The Unfettered and them my "Kurtz". Always trying to show people black and white, with more positive and negative ones on both sides.

    Simone De Petri

    “Feel free to stay as much as you want. Family is always welcome around here“

    Simone went through his Devouring as the while on the ship that carried him from Italy to Congo. The young Catholic priest was helped during those first weeks by the Begotten sailor that triggered his transformation but, after reaching Africa, Simone was on his own. Where he first came to Congo hoping to translate into practice the teachings of his faith and try to help the locals, now Simone had to deal with the existence of the supernatural world and his own Hunger at the same time. Trying to reconcile his faith and human obligations with these new aspects of his life, Simone worked hard to learn more about the Begotten and find a balance of sorts.

    Unfortunately for the idealistic priest, the conditions in the Congo Free State and the the turmoil of the Primordial Dream made it so that, Beast powers or not, avoiding troubles would be difficult. Witnessing the chaos that ravaged the country, Simone worked hard to carve his own place in the madness of Congo. While his attempts to find a stable Brood to feed with never worked for long, complicated by the young Makara’s rigid morality, Simone forged many Family Ties and was seen by his peers as someone always ready to help and listen. Where other Broods were often locked in a constant state of conflict with other supernaturals and Heroes, for reason ranging from territorial diatribes to their own personal grudges, Simone always strived to be the neutral one. He even opened the doors of his own mission to any member of Family that asked for a safe place to stay, something that eventually made him earn a reputation. Many supernaturals in Congo have heard about Simone. As long as those who enter leave their grudges outside, the Makara grants a safe haven to everyone, both human or supernatural. The benefits of having such a place around is one of the few things about most supernaturals can agree upon: there’s some sort of unspoken agreement that Simone’s mission is neutral ground and that no monster should mess with it.

    Nobody, Simone included, can offer total safety to anyone in Congo, but the Makara’s station is probably the closest thing available. The rules are simple: all those within its walls are meant to be under Simone’s protection and none must be hurt. There’s a degree of tolerance for monsters that have to feed, but it’s a thin one: if you can’t control your urges and avoid troubles, you’ll have to leave. On one hand, this means that many supernaturals can’t stay there for long, but sometimes having a safe place to stay for a few days is the difference between survival and destruction. Even the colonial forces have limited authority within its borders, as long as none of the inhabitants gives them a motivation to act. There have been issues in the past and there will be more in the future, but Simone has a veritable network of people that owe him their life not to mention many others that admire his work. Often, when a problem occurs, there will be someone eager to help or punish those who caused it, meaning everyone knows messing with Simone’s mission is a risk.

    Simone himself manages to handle his urges because of the nature of his Hunger. Simone is a Makara Collector that hoards people. Every man, woman or children, every Begotten or supernatural that enters the mission also becomes part of Simone’s collection. The Makara priest is determined to keep them safe right there, in place where he can keep an eye on those people . He does not care about controlling them, Simone has no thirst for power, but he wants to keep those people preserved as it makes sense to him. Simone hoards those who are in need of help and, while he generally means well, he does not always agree when they want to leave. While he generally tries to persuade them to stay, saying they would be safer here than outside (an argument that does have some truth behind it indeed), what Simone offers is sometimes a golden cage from which people would prefer to escape, much to the Makara’s disagreement. This has caused problem from time to time and while this has not stained Simone’s reputation too much, there are some aware about it. For all his good intentions, Simone is still a Begotten that has to deal with his Hunger, something that’s bound to have consequences.

    Description: Simone is a giant of a man. While heavily built, he’s not physically intimidating. Rather, his attitude and manners combined with his size make him appear more as a gentle giant. Even in the heat of the jungle, Simone does not renounce to dress as people expect a priest to look like, though he found himself liking a grown beard and he allows himself to keep it long.

    Simone is slow to anger, with most people having never heard him raising his voice but, if necessity arises, he can show his fearsome side. He’s more of a diplomatic person and he always hopes to solve issues with words, but he knows that sometimes issues require a more direct approach. In order to protect his mission and those who live inside it, Simone is willing to take difficult choices.
    Simone’s Horror is a skeletal giant made of ice. Those who venture in the icy desolation that is Simone’s Lair will rarely see the Horror, but the creature is there, buried within the snow or hidden under the ice. It emerges cracking the surfaces and snatches its preys, only to return into the depths.

    Storytelling Hints: Simone is a potential ally for any Brood. He’s genuinely trying to create a safe haven for everyone, whether they want to listen to his sermons or not. While he cares mostly about his own place, Simon wishes he could do more to help and it’s not uncommon for him to ask others for a favor or two. Considering he’s in the right position to know about a lot of what’s going on with supernaturals, he’s at the same time a well-informed person and one that’s able to give out those information to those who ask, provided they repay the help.

    Simone’s mission is a place where anyone can rest and heal, but Simone is no fool. When he asks others to let their ill intentions out, he means it. Those who abuse his hospitality will have to go to great lengths to regain it (but Simone tends to be open towards the idea more often than not). The mission is a location that can use all the help one can offer, as it is always in need of food, tools and medicines. Simone is aware that there are people, human and not, that would like for the mission to be razed down, but so far he played his cards well.

    Simone himself is not perfect. He’s often convinced he knows better than others and that he is the one true hope for many people out there. He does more good than ill for sure but if someone wants to leave before time or try his luck away from the mission, Simone can prove to be quite stubborn. He drowns people with attentions and care, but he does not take rejection well.

    The young priest’s protection has a notable blind spot: Heroes. Simone has no control whatsoever on them and there were times when some infiltrated the mission while on the hunt. either of some Begotten or Simone himself. There are also occasions where one of the staff or a refugee discovers himself to be a Hero, something that tends to have serious consequences.

    While Simone is usually able to make Beasts and monsters think twice before breaking havoc within the walls of the mission, he’s far less in control than he’d like to be. It’s not his fault: the circumstances and tensions going around make it so that the whole place is always at risk of falling apart. Simone fights a difficult battle each day to ensure that’s not the case.

    Legend: Possessive.
    Life: Selfless
    Family: Makara
    Hunger: Hoard
    Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3
    Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 4
    Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 3, Composure 3
    Mental Skills: Academics 4 (Catholic Religion), Enigmas 2, Craft 2 (Carpentry), Investigation 2, Medicine 3 (Tropical Diseases), Occult 2, Politics 3 (Bureaucracy),
    Physical Skills: Athletics 1, Brawl 2, Firearms 1, Stealth 1,
    Social Skills: Animal Ken 1, Empathy 4, Expression 3 (Sermons), Intimidation 1, Persuasion 4, Socialize 2, Streetwise 1,Subterfuge 1
    Merits: Allies 3 (Church), Common Sense, Fame 1, Giant, Hunger Management 3, Multi-Lingual, Patient, Resources 1, Retainer 3, Safe Place 3, Status 2 (Church),
    Willpower: 6
    Lair: 3 (Blizzard, Extreme Cold, Corrosive)
    Atavisms: Eye Of Heaven, Monster From The Deep, Storm-Lashed
    Nightmares: Fear Is Contagious, You Deserve This, You Must Obey
    Size: 6
    Initiative: 5
    Defense: 3
    Speed: 10
    Health: 10

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    I think you should post it on Beast forum also - it's rather voloumious fanbook you write here - like old Silent Hill's one - and maybe Beast dedicated fans will get some more insight than like me, a more casual fan of line.
    You mean when Beast it's done? Yeah, I get you...I admit I'd like to see more Beast fans giving a look at this (and Geist ones, when that moment arrives). Don't get me wrong, I'm really grateful for you loyal followers, I would have lost the determination to keep on writing long ago if it was not for you, but I'd also like to get more feedback, either positive or negative.

    I still want to wait for a reply from the mods before doing anything, so I'm sure all is good.
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    I think you should post it on Beast forum also - it's rather voloumious fanbook you write here - like old Silent Hill's one - and maybe Beast dedicated fans will get some more insight than like me, a more casual fan of line.

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    At least post links to this thread there? You can ask if anyone want the relevant material copied in those threads.
    That seems reasonable

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