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    Originally posted by Errol216 View Post
    Assuming that the sysadmin isn't inserting notes into the pages as you request them while typing with oven mitts. Which, I concede, would be a pretty big assumption under the circumstances.
    Man, if they're up against Mrs. Roberts, they might as well give up and retire to someplace they can build sandcastles.


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      Originally posted by Errol216 View Post
      But what about hacking into the Pentagon's computer system while trying to connect to enough wifi hotspots to maintain connectivity during a high-speed chase through a densely-populated city while their allies are trying to keep signal repeaters within range by performing a tag-team free-run across rooftops and the sysadmin is actually in a jet-powered helicopter hopping across several satellite uplinks to do his stuff and heading to the NEXUS World Internet Hub but also grappling with an omnipresent artificial intelligence who definitely doesn't have orange hair trying to get access to the nuclear launch codes in every country at the same time?
      I would run it still as Chase scene, with both sides using Teamwork Action, using successes of each actors for their side as bonus for Primary Actor roll after 15 minutes intervals.
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