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[Steven Universe & Chronicles of Darkness] Homeworld Vs the World of Darkness

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  • [Steven Universe & Chronicles of Darkness] Homeworld Vs the World of Darkness

    (This is my first time posting, so please tell me if I do anything wrong)

    Here's a hypothetical scenario for you. In this scenario, you have complete control over many powerful members and leaders of various supernatural factions, such as the various orders of mages, covenants of vampires, and other such factions. You can basically tell them to do whatever you want. You have become aware that the gem Homeworld will attempt to invade Earth in 6 months, and it is up to you to prepare for their arrival. What do you do to prepare for this alien invasion?

    You may use factions from any of the first or second edition books, and you also gain control over all human militaries. Higher beings such as the True Fae and similar creatures can not be controlled by you, but may wind up fighting the gems anyway (if you use them, give a reason why they would fight the gems). The Exarchs and Oracles are off limits. If anybody has any questions about the scenario, ask me and I will elaborate. So, what would you do in this situation?

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    Are all Power Stat 6+ off limits? I'm not well informed about 2nd ed Mage but I suspect we have the capacity to extend our prep time in one way or the other.


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      Power stat 6+ is fine, just not the Exarchs and Oracles specifically.


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        Having glanced at the wiki I don't see any major issues, I'm only familiar with Vampire so other than getting the Ordo Dracul to teach all combatants how to stay awake at day and embrace whatever people need embraced. I'm assuming Gem weaponry will only do bashing damage to them and full body armour that can knock their effective blood potency down a level.


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          Most gem weapons probably would do bashing damage, though there are some that have fire powers.


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            Ouch, well Vampires were never going to be more than fodder in this fight anyway. I look forward to when the Mage player bace find this thread and tell us how many ways they can pull this off before it manifests and how when all the Mummies get woken they will deal with it in under a weekend.


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              Hehe, yeah, I imagine the archmages will start making a giant shield around the planet or something of that nature. Should I provide a list of some of the technology and abilities gems have?


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                That would help a lot. Also do they have anything that could be the spirit world? This being Chronicles of Darkness what you don't know is where the true threat lies.


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                  As someone who has not watched much Steven Universe can you provide some guidance on what Homeworld is capable of?

                  Though, unless they are bonkers powerful (or insanely numerous) this would be an absolute massacre.

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                    Originally posted by Live Bait View Post
                    Ouch, well Vampires were never going to be more than fodder in this fight anyway. I look forward to when the Mage player bace find this thread and tell us how many ways they can pull this off before it manifests and how when all the Mummies get woken they will deal with it in under a weekend.
                    Well if you insist. Archmage of Life and Matter (or whatever arcana deemed appropriate) with a little dabbling of Space uses Borrow Threads to take an invading Homeworld Gems Sympathetic connection to Homeworld. They then create a Gem targeting super virus and releases it on their planet. With the practice of Dynamics the virus will automatically alter itself to circumvent all attempts at curing it.

                    A Mastigos Borrows a Gems threads to get a connection to their Diamond, then proceeds to mind control said Diamond and wreak havoc upon their society.

                    A Gems body is an artificial construct made up of hard light, an Archmage of Forces could cast a spell on them to continuously dispel all hard light touching a Gem, at which point they'll be little more than rocks, lacking the ability to form a new body.


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                      Originally posted by PenDragon View Post
                      As someone who has not watched much Steven Universe can you provide some guidance on what Homeworld is capable of?

                      Though, unless they are bonkers powerful (or insanely numerous) this would be an absolute massacre.
                      Stephen Universe is basically a superhero show.

                      Gems are just that- sapient gems. They can project hard light holographic bodies that they can change at will, and if destroyed, as long as the gem itself is not broken beyond repair, they can just manifest another one, after a time out period.

                      They exist in a caste system, some abilities are obviously innate to the caste, other powers might be individual abilities.

                      Examples include pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, precognition, magnetism, superstrength and resistance to injury (some more than others), manifesting weapons and tools through shapeshifting, hydrokinesis, flight, healing, and forcefields.

                      Gems, since their bodies are but hard light projections, can also "fuse" with their fellows, although since the Gem Homeworld is a caste society the most likely their fusions are going to of the exact same type.

                      However, gems made with less resources will lack the full benefits. Peridot, from the show, doesn't know how to shapeshift, didn't know she had magnetism powers, and uses bionic limbs to make up for the fact that she's child sized.

                      And power levels vary. Lapiz Lazuli is low caste, but on Earth her hydrokinesis allows her to control ALL the water. She committed grand theft all 5 oceans in the comics.

                      Technologically, they have spaceships, robots, and they forced a fusion under the Earth of millions of gems to hatch out of the Earth like the planet like an egg.


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                        Thank you, I take it then that it wouldn't be hard to get ready given the 6 month time frame.


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                          Gems are a race of extraterrestrial beings. They have bodies that are described as holograms with mass. Gems are created rather than born, and there are multiple of each kind of gem, each type has their own purpose. A Gem is created by giant machines that inject them into the ground, as time goes on the gemstone socks up organic material from the surrounding area, killing life nearby, eventually bursting out of the ground. Here are some of the gem types we know of:

                          Rubies: Grunt soldiers, stronger than their small size would suggest, most aren't very smart.

                          Pearls: Servants and entertainers.

                          Sapphires: Rare gems that have "future vision", which is actually more like probability vision, allowing them to see all of the possible outcomes of a situation and which is most likely. Also capable of great speed, though not too fast to see.

                          Quartz: Gems like amethysts and jaspers, quartz gems are more powerful soldiers. One Jasper was shown to be able to survive a ship exploding with her in the middle, the explosion was fairly large.

                          Lapis Lazulis: Terraformers that can control water, a single one of them was able to control all the water in the ocean and build a giant tower into space with it.

                          Peridots: Technicians. They each have limb enhancements that give them the ability to bring up touch screens to interact with technology, fly using their fingers like helicopters, shoot lasers, and form a bubble of energy around someone. Without limb enhancements, they are very weak. Capable of building mechs using plane parts found in a barn.

                          Agates: Seem to be commanders or officers.

                          Diamonds: Rulers, there are only 3 known diamonds currently alive, Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and White Diamond. Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond have not been shown fighting or using their powers yet, but are implied to be stronger than normal gems by a great deal. White Diamond has yet to be mentioned by name in the show, but has been theorized to be the strongest of the Diamonds. Given that a single Lapis Lazuli can control all the water in the ocean, the powers of a diamond could be truly immense.

                          There could be more I'm forgetting.

                          Anatomy: Gems are made out of light, and have been shown to be unable to die of food poisoning (though were shown to experience discomfort from it). They do not need to eat, drink, sleep, or breathe, and they do not age, with many of them being thousands of years old. They have been shown to experience fatigue when exerting themselves, and have reacted to pain before. Whether or not they are susceptible to disease and poison is somewhat unclear do to these factors, though I would guess they would likely be immune. Each gem has a gemstone located somewhere on their body. If this gemstone is cracked, it causes glitches in their physical forms, if it is broken they die. If a gem's body is damaged but their gemstone remains intact, they may release their physical form and retreat into their gemstone until they heal enough to reform their body. This reformation process usually takes days or weeks, but can be rushed to only take moments, doing so can cause oddly shaped limbs and mismatched peices. A gem's gemstone seems to vary in toughness, with one being cracked by falling off a few dozen foot high cliff, and another surviving a starship explosion undamaged.

                          Powers: Gems each have the ability to shapeshift into almost any form, with forms seen in the show ranging from a large humanoid to a ball to a helicopter. Each gem can summon a weapon specific to them, with weapons such as gauntlets, swords, spears, whips, and knives having been shown. Most gems also seem to have unique powers, such as a ruby with the ability to set things on fire, and a pearl that could create duplicates of herself. Gems also have the ability to fuse with other gems, becoming a single stronger gem. Any two ore more gems can do this, however on Homeworld fusion between different types of gems, such as a ruby and a sapphire, are considered taboo and even worthy of death. Fusions between the same type of gem come out as a bigger version of that gem, with more power. No upper limit on how many gems can fuse has been given, however the most shown in the show is four at a time, and if the gems begin to have conflicting feelings it can tear the fusion apart, meaning Fusions with more gems are harder to maintain.

                          Technology: Gems have demonstrated the following technology:

                          Intergalactic Travel: During one scene, it is stated that Homeworld is in another galaxy, this would mean gems are capable of intergalactic travel.

                          Teleportation: Gems have the ability to create pads that allow them to teleportation to other warp pads. When this happens, they travel through another dimension while traveling through a pillar of light, before coming back into our dimension at the location of the other warp pad. It is possible to fall or be pushed out of the pillar of light, stranding the traveler in the separate dimension. It is shown to be extremely cold inside this dimension, able to freeze the snot in someone's nose into an ice within a few moments of exposure, though not enough to immediately kill them.

                          Terraforming: Gems have the ability to completely change a planet, hollowing out most of it and building massive superstructures on the surface. For more info, check the episode called "It could have been great".

                          Planet Destruction: The gems were able to create a super weapon capable of destroying entire planets. This weapon was located at the core of Earth, and was about to be activated before being stopped in the show. This, however, took thousands of years to prepare, and is not easy to produce.

                          Starships: Gems have spacecraft that look like hands. They have not been put up against human technology, however one was able to survive multiple shots from a gem weapon (almost guaranteed to be better than conventional human weaponry, not as good as nukes) effortlessly. The ships are also capable of shooting lasers that destroy terrain.

                          Numbers: There is never an exact number stated for how many gems there are, however gems have somewhere in the realm of 50 colonies in total spread among moons and planets, so it is likely safe to assume that they vastly outnumber the population of Earth.

                          If anyone that has seen the show notices anything I missed, feel free to mention it. If you want more detailed information on anything, also feel free to ask about it.

                          Edit 1: Drones
                          Gems also have access to drones that can repair broken technology by spraying it with goo. These drones can also be formed from a type of liquid metal, which drips off and forms into a spherical drone.

                          Strength: A fusion was shown to be able to survive having multiple cars thrown at her, and was able to knock some of them away.

                          Replication: Gems have created replicator wandso capable of replicating objects that they scan. This has been shown to replicate objects as large and complex as cars. If the replicator wand is destroyed, all things it created poof out of existence in a puff of smoke. There is no defined limit as to how many times it can replicate an object.

                          Space Stations: Gems have the ability to create structures in space. These structures can have miniature ecosystems inside, allowing humans to survive for dozens of generations

                          FTL Communication: Gems have devices capable of sending communications between planets instantly.
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                            Long story short, including God-like entities such as Archmages, True Fae, and the God-Machine tip this way in the favor of CofD. Limiting things to just regular playable-level supernaturals evens the playing field substantially. At that point I'm not quite sure how things would play out.


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                              Alright then, let's do that. Now it is playable beings only, and no archmages (can go to Gnosis 6+, but no Arcanum higher than 5 dots).
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