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What exactly -is- Ectoplasm?

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  • What exactly -is- Ectoplasm?

    Exactly as the title suggests. I have been trying to figure out in what book ectoplasm is actually described, as two of the mage spells actually utilize it and my players are asking about it. Since I can't find it in that book, or in the core book I figured I'd post it here in case there was an explanation in any of the various books in the CoD?

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    I think Geist has information on ectoplasm

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      Geist might have an actual definition, but I think if you need a quick and easy definition, it's physical Essence produced by a ghost in order to manifest. Kind of like an Essence tass.


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        Geist the Sin-Eater, 'This ghostly remnant can appear as a solid, jellylike mass, as a thick, syrupy liquid or as a greenish vapor. Usually, plasm that’s uncontained simply sublimates and vanishes in a matter of minutes; it dissipates rapidly in the living world as it decays back into the entropy from which it formed.'


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          As of 2e in both Mage and Geist, ectoplasm/Plasm is described as some sort of spectral byproduct created by the presence of ghostly Manifestations and Avernian Gates. Sorta like how Aether in Demon is the byproduct of angels using Essence.

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            Ectoplasm (or, more often, "Plasm") is created when a ghost's Manifestation ends. It's a rapidly-vanishing goop.

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              Thanks guys - this helps a lot!