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Advanced/Epic Striking Looks vs Mind Shield

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  • Advanced/Epic Striking Looks vs Mind Shield

    I'm curious here as to thoughts on this - if a mage meets someone with Striking Looks (Advanced) (from Beast) or Striking Looks (Epic) (from MachineIVs admonitoria). Advanced makes your SL rolls rote - whereas the epic (called legendary in that doc) makes it so you have to spend wp to act a certain way towards the person with SL, and they can inflict swooned/shaken/etc on you at will.

    Both of these are extreme versions of Striking Looks - but, do they qualify as a magical ability for the purposes of detection? Or better yet, as the name implies - would the use of said Striking Looks clash with a Mind Shield or similar effect?

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    Ah, welcome to the age old question of "what is magic?" Many (read: forumites) have discussed this, and there have been no common ground found. Great thinkers have lent their words (ie the developers and writers have said) that magic is only in the eye of the beholder (determined by each individual ST).

    Joking aside, the answer to your question is that there's no official answer. The CofD isn't going to answer that because it depends on the individual needs of each chronicle. Some games might qualify as magic, some will not.


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      Given that you have to be a supernatural to possess the merit I would say that they probably qualify as magic, but it really could go either way.


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        I'd say that Merits are natural enough to count as a passive thing that augments your abilities, therefore not triggering "Detect Magic" senses. However, they'd still trigger Clash of Wills when in conflict with an active supernatural power that counters their effects.

        So a power asking around "Is there anyone using mind-magic to influence people?" wouldn't detect Advanced/Epic Striking Looks, but a power like "Protect these people from mind-magic influences" will Clash with A/E Striking Looks.

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