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    My advice is to get some information on the splats etc. via a wiki first, (I like this one, for example) to get more of an idea of the tone etc, because this way you might already find something that strikes your interest more than other games. Current 2ed games to my knowledge are Demon, Beast, Vampire, Werewolf, Mage and Promethean. Sometime soon-ish (~2018-2019?), we should get treated to Changeling and Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition.

    Great books to get started in my opinion would be of course the core rulebook, and the much-praised Hurt Locker, and if you are the storyteller maybe one of the city books (Chicago, maybe?). From then on, take a look at the splat core books, one by one. Personally, I think Vampire, Werewolf and Changeling are the easiest to get into, and Vampire certainly did sort of set the first stone.

    I also feel like it might be easier to upgrade to Hunters than to Vampires or similar, at first. Depending on where your Chronicle goes, of course.
    Most Hunters are not supernatural per se, but guys that start fighting back. Kind of like the Winchester Brothers and other hunters from Supernatural, or the Grimms from Grimm. However, don't know anything about Hunter 2nd edition yet.

    Also, the fact that the main thematic and vibe of a game, e.g. Changeling, is something specific, e.g. twisted fairytales, does not mean you cannot play a range of games: from heists over political intrigue over Renaisannce-like discovery voyages and entrepreneurship to peacekeeping, lore gathering or dungeonraiding, wetwork and preparing for war, everything is possible, and none of those would be particularly uncommon for a Changeling game.


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      Given your background I'd urge you to try out Vampire: the Requiem 2nd edition, see the differences and then try out Hunter: the Vigil when you have more to work with than Mortal Remains, which takes a lot of 1e corebook conversion.


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        I've started reading the book now.

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