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[Dark Eras & Hurt Locker] More armor and weapons

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  • [Dark Eras & Hurt Locker] More armor and weapons

    I play some Diablo 2 from time to time and thinking about Dark Eras I thought that in medieval settings would be cool to have write ups of various armors, not only 2-3 shown in Hurt Locker. So here is topic for devising new ones, based on general categories from history and culture. Here are Diablo 2 list inspirations.

    For example - Hurt Locker's Plate Mail is much more D2's Light Plate, Field Plate, Plate Mail, Gothic Plate or Full Plate? What would be stats diffrances in those?

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    Conquest of Paradise – Portugal and Spain in 15th century and their conquests
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    I think variations in plate armor would largely be a matter of coverage and availability. A breast plate, for example, would probably use the same statistics as plate armor, but would only cover the torso, and would accordingly have lower availability. Field plate, or "half plate" might cover the arms as well, but not the legs. Maybe just knock off one Availability dot per section of coverage you leave off.

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