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Physical Realms of the Fallen World

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  • Physical Realms of the Fallen World

    I ain't gonna talk about all that mystical realms like Stygia or Spirit hell yadda yadda, I wanna tell you all about the idea of non-supernatural realms in the Fallen World aka ones you don't have to reach via supernatural means, but more "sci-fi". I have had this idea of a "phased universe" where space and time (aka the universe) culminate into something more multi-planar, yet none supernatural. Basically there a bunch of "phases" that you are moving even now in the main phase (the Starry Void) that are above or below you (Stratos/Benthos). The phase right above this one is called Stratos or The Sky Above, a universal stretch of endless blue sky. A unique feature of the Phase is that higher you go, space-time is compressed and distance is shortened, so the upper Phases are basically a shortcut to bypassing the speed of light, but the problem is that going too high in the Phases will cause a person's body to become "stretched" existentially speaking. Too high and you go "BANG" as you phasically implode instanteously. Now game mechanics wise I am too stupid to figure how to write this idea up on my own, but feel free to make due of it in any of your stuff guys. The Hubble Space Telescope signing off......

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    How is this any different from a "spiritual" realm, other than in phrasing? You can already phrase Twilight as a state of matter modern science just isn't capable of perceiving yet, and likewise can describe anything and everything in the setting in scientific terms.

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      Yeah, talking about phases within physical reality just sounds like how Twilight works to me. I guess there's no hierarchy of different Twilight frequencies being "above" or "below" each other, and no mechanic for compression of spacetime within Twilight. But there's no reason you couldn't make Twilight frequencies that did work that way.

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        I'm struggling to understand what you're describing.