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nWoD 1st Ed (and Armory) vs. CofD (Hurt Locker) mechanics for Mage: the Ascension?

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  • nWoD 1st Ed (and Armory) vs. CofD (Hurt Locker) mechanics for Mage: the Ascension?

    HI All. I apologize if this has been beaten to death (and feel free to link any threads you think I might have not seen), but I was curious about how folks felt about the core mechanics of CofD and Hurt Locker compared to nWoD 1st edition with Armory (and perhaps Armory Reloaded). I really enjoyed overall the base mechanics of nWoD (my only complaints potentially being the high, high value of Composure and the use of strength with brawl/weaponry for attack rolls, but there's a cost for reducing the number of rolls from 3-4 in classic WoD to 1 roll, and if I recall there was a Fighting Finesse Merit to fix this that was pretty cheap, so not really a problem). I thought Armory got the weapon stats decently well (at least for firearms), although all too often roleplaying games over-value the difference between 9mm and .45 ACP for handguns as well as the damage potential of shotguns (compared to rifles). I guess I should also call out in Armory how overpowered Combat Marksmanship was, although one could band-aid this by capping the fifth dot of it to two attacks (much like most other multiple attack merits in that system).

    I would just like to know what people's thoughts were on CofD and Hurt Locker as their core set of mechanics in contrast with the first edition equivalents. I was a bit off-put by some draft materials that i consulted long ago, but I didn't really give the new stuff an in-depth read. Part of my interest is seeing which system I would prefer to pair with the theme/background/fluff of Mage: the Ascension/M20. Most players I have played with prefer that world setting to Mage: the Awakening (although to be fair, none of us has ever really given 2d edition of that a shot, and I learned to enjoy it). Part of the ease of using nWoD 1st edition materials is that there is already a translation guide for using these mechanics with Mage: the Ascension.

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    I actually played in a Technocracy game using the (then) God-Machine rules, and it worked out pretty well for us. I don't have much to add on that, other than we got into the new mechanics really fast, and we'd probably not go back to the old version. This was a combat heavy game, too (my character was very gun oriented).

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      The core mechanics between 1e and 2e are very similar. Enough so that it would be very easy to translate weapons, armor, and even Merits you like from Armory and Armory Reloaded to 2e if you wanted to. The open development previews of Hurt Locker aren't far off from the final version, so if you didn't care for the previews, the published versions aren't so different as to totally change them. That said, there is plenty of other great (in my opinion) material in Hurt Locker that was not previewed, such as Violent Skills, which still make it worth a look even if you weren't thrilled by the open development.

      As for whether to use 1e or 2e Awakening to emulate Asenscion... I can't be of much help there. I'm pretty new to Awakening and know very little of Ascension. I do think the Magic system in 2e Awakening is significantly streamlined and improved from the 1e system, and improvised spells are much easier to create as a result. From what I understand, improvised casting is a big deal in Asenscion, so that might be something to consider. That said, the role of Paradox in Awakening is very different from its roll in Asenscion from what I've heard, and 2e's revised Paradox rules bring their mechanics more in line with their intended function in the story, so that might be harder to reconcile with Asenscion.

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        Thanks all for the responses! This was really insightful. I got a bit more background on 2.0 from friends (both the core book and the Hurt Locker), and it seems like they made some good changes. Anything I don't like could likely be dropped or slightly tweaked as needed. Thanks again.