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[PEACH] Conversion of WoD's "Orpheus" to Chronicles of Darkness System

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  • [PEACH] Conversion of WoD's "Orpheus" to Chronicles of Darkness System

    Late in its original run for World of Darkness, White Wolf released a limited-run game called Orpheus. Players take the role of people who can "project" their souls from their bodies, to explore the world of the dead. It's a game of creeping horror and dread, in a world of conspiracy and mystery.

    This 90-page supplement includes everything a player or storyteller would need to enjoy White Wolf's Orpheus using the Chronicles of Darkness rule set. The conversion includes character creation, setting material, and a storyteller chapter. There's some material I haven't translated, some stat blocks to flesh out or complete, plenty of content that needs to be playtested and revised, and a dozen ideas I'm still working on incorporating or revising. But it's a start.

    Take a look and enjoy! If you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it.

    Link to the playtest document.

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    Very, very excited to have found this, and I very much appreciate all the work you've put into it! I've been interested in running a full Orpheus metaplot game on Roll20 for some time now, but I've been hampered by the fact that the new Chronicles of Darkness mechanics and system have totally ruined oWoD for me. I've only had a chance to skim over some of your work, but I'm definitely going to pay close attention to this for any further updates!

    Just after that quick skim, I can point to one thing that puts your work head-and-shoulders above other conversion attempts I've found: Your Horror translations don't rely on number of successes rolled. So many people don't seem to "get" that scaling effects by number of successes doesn't work so well in Chronicles of Darkness, and that's just one of the inspired changes I really, really like.
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      Should projection work simply as translating character to Ephemeral Entity rules?

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        Use the Dream Form rules from Beast and Mage instead of the ephemeral rules.