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    Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
    It's only ridiculous until the funny-looking guy sprouts unholy fangs and starts to stalk you in the night.

    Speaking of Dracula (and his many, many iterations), I wonder if we can do something similar for all other monster types. Depictions of the "archetypical" characters of literature and other media that inspired each gameline, and how they'd fit in the worlds. We already have (lots of) Dracula in Requiem, and the original Frankenstein's Monster in Promethean. What could we get out of other games?
    Can't think of one for Werewolf...

    Merlin for Mage seems like a gimme; Dave had a really cool rundown of what that might be like.

    Puck for Changeling, perhaps. There are a lot of iconic fairy tale characters to draw from.

    Hunter is a bit trickier because they don't tend to live long enough for this sort of thing...unless you make Van Helsing an independent ghoul of some sort.

    I imagine there are a lot of characters you could drawn on for Geist, but I can't think of any off the top of my head.

    No idea for Mummy. A lot of them are Egyptian kings, which doesn't fit the cosmology.

    Lucifer for Demon...or any number of named demons from Christian apocrypha and Middle Eastern mythology.

    Beast could have any big name monster you can think of. Grendel would be a good one.
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      I'd have to think about Frankenstein, since Promethean's groups already hit a bunch of the classic takes, including modern cloning.

      For Hunter, there's Nimrod, Hercules and other Greek heroes, St. George the Dragon Slayer (already sort of covered), the woodsman from Red Riding Hood, Van Helsing,

      I'm not very familiar with Beast, but Leviathan and Behemoth, maybe.

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        Nimrod and Hercules strike me more as Heroes, but the line is pretty thin sometimes

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          Nimrod was actually stated to be a possible Slasher, not hunter. Nimrod being reborn was also a possible plot hook, I believe.

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            Originally posted by nofather View Post
            I believe wyrdhamster did something with Thiess of Kaltenbrun and the 'hounds of God.' and of course the writers have incorporated the myth of Lycaon into several places in the werewolf setting.

            I wouldn't look for a Larry Talbot, the first 'Wolf Man' in werewolf, but you can find it in the Talbot House in Hunter the Vigil. They try to pray the wolf away.

            Various other wolf myths are scattered throughout the setting, Fenris being a Firstborn along with the Dire Wolf. And since its incorporated into the spirit there's other myths as well, from King Solomon the Magician to Ammut from ancient Egypt and, later, Mummy.
            Vseslav of Polotsk springs to mind

            Bisclavret/Sir Marrock is a great crossover character for werewolf and mage as a knight of the round table, and thus the one werewolf who would have been there for Camelot before the exarchs retconned it

            and then you have the resident werewolf in my neck of the woods, Emily Isabella Burt
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