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[Dark Eras] Wolf & Raven - 1066: End of Vikings - Inspirations

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  • [Dark Eras] Wolf & Raven - 1066: End of Vikings - Inspirations

    We have all the craze lately on the beginning of Vikings Era - But what about endings of it? I found this interesting documentary miniseries about this topic - 1066: A Year to Conquer England

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    While not quite the end of the period, I enjoyed Bernard Cornwall's The Last Kingdom series, set in the end of the 9th century amidst Saxon and Danish England. I've not watched any of the TV series based on it though.

    Also, Poul Anderson's Mother of Kings, a retelling of the story of Gunnhild as historical fiction in the 10th century of Norway during its conversion to Christianity.

    Nonfiction wise, The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium, An Englishman's World by Robert Lacey and Danny Danziger, and 1066: The Year of the Conquest by David Howarth. Both are short, readable and give a good overview of the period.


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      Note that the beginning and ending of the Viking Age are pretty fuzzy chronologically. The historical dates, 793 and 1066 are tied to specific battles, which had more historical significance to the English than to the Scandinavians. Archaeologically speaking, those dates don't really seem to mark the beginning or ending of anything special. It was a period marked more by Scandinavian expansion than by any noteworthy change in Scandinavian culture or technology. Though, twoards the end of the period, Christianity did spread much more in the area.
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