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[CofD] Investigation and No Hard Answers

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    Thanks, Necrophear! That site was super insightful! Definitely what I was looking for.


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      As far as "what did you find?" I modified it to where clues are presented in categories and the player selects which category they want and I give them a clue that is supposed to help them solve a portion of the mystery.

      The way I have it decided is

      Suspects: gives an idea of the description of the subject which can be delivered through eye witnesses, samples of hair, photos or video recordings etc.

      Motive: generally stuff about why the crime would be committed in the first place and who would stand to benefit from it. It includes things like family relations, hearing about an argument, hearing about an inheritance etc.

      Method: pretty basic, it's how the event came to be. It describes the scene, the instruments used, the actions that took place and so on. This can be anything from a bloody knife to an abandoned car to an autopsy report.

      Basically it can be summed up as clues on what happened, who did it and why did they do it.