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Hurt Locker: Rapid Nock & Ammo mechanic?

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  • Hurt Locker: Rapid Nock & Ammo mechanic?

    Hello there

    I really enjoy the new alternate ways of running ranges and ammo in Hurt Locker. Some of the new merits are also awesome.
    But I am unsure on how in the world Rapid Nock works with the ammo rules.

    Rapid Nock (•): Your character has trained herself to have another arrow set and her bow drawn within a heartbeat of her last shot. As long as there is a supply of arrows in reach she can make an attack every turn without taking an action to position them on the string. Also, ignore the bow’s Initiative penalty.
    So, by reading this it sounds to me like you have to spend a whole action to reload a bow (which isn't mentioned under bows). Which isn't how the suggested ammo mechanics work.

    As fare as I've understood, reloading isn't a thing in Hurt Locker. You reload between rounds and run out when you miss/dramatic failure (depending on the weapon).
    So what exactly does Rapid Nock do?

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    It seems like they missed in the arrow entry that you need to take an action to nock the next arrow. But if you assume that's the case, Rapid Nock does exactly what it says it does.

    The ammo mechanics determine when you run out of arrows.


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      The open dev preview of the equipment appendix included an alternative archery fighting style that worked with the optional range and capacity rules. Must have been cut from the final version for space. But it did include a version of Rapid Nock, which just increased the bow's capacity to medium.

      Archery Training (• to •••••; Style)
      Prerequisites: Strength ••, Dexterity ••, Quick Draw (Bow) •, Athletics ••
      Effect: The character has dedicated herself to mastery of the bow. She can pull off shots only seen in the movies, relying on finesse and muscle-power for her accuracy and damage. The character may be a professional competitor or simply a hunting enthusiast. This Style only functions with bows, not crossbows.
      Draw and Loose (•): Repeated practice have toned your muscles for the action of drawing a bow and firing. You gain +1 to Strength for the purposes of determining the bow's Damage and meeting its minimum Strength requirement.
      Rapid Nock (••): Your character can draw and nock an arrow from her supply with lightning speed. A bow in her hands functions as though it had Medium Capacity.
      Arcing Arrows (•••): The archer's intuitive feel for wind, range, and the ballistic arc of arrows allows her to shoot accurately at much greater than normal distances. Add a range band to the effective Range of any bow in her hands.
      Plunging Fire (••••): Your character is skilled at firing high into the air and letting the arrow come down on her foes, bypassing cover (or piercing overhead cover). This requires knowledge of the enemy's position, either by spotter's call-out (at a -1 penalty) or seeing some part of the enemy herself—even just a foot or part of a limb is sufficient. Drawback: You may only use this maneuver outdoors or in spaces large enough to accommodate hundreds of feet of vertical flight.
      Piercing Shot (•••••): The archer has learned how to maximize an arrow's force and aim for the weakest parts of an enemy's armor. Your shots gain Piercing 2 as long as they are performed on a target within the bow's normal Range.

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        EW-Matias The only problem with taking an action to reload, is that with Hurt Locker, you don't take an action to reload.

        Charlaquin I see. I think it must be an error since it doesn't follow the rest of the mechanics suggested in the book and is therefore useless.
        But it does seem like a nice thing for the merit, being able to conserve your arrows much better. Not sure if I would use it at one dot since it is pretty powerful to be able to have a higher a capacity.

        But then again, I can change it out with the "increased Strength" and use it as an alternate for Reflex Aiming.