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How would you build this ghost in 2Ed?

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  • How would you build this ghost in 2Ed?

    I came up with a ghost I could use in a potential chronicle. He is basically a ghost of a silent movie star from the 20s named Peter Marks who died on set during the filming of his first talkie. He is said to haunt a old movie theater in Hollywood and when people see him, he is black-and white, as if he stepped out of the movie screen. There are also rumors that you can summon him by playing one of his old movies on a vintage film projector. This ritual however, is not recommended, due to the fact that Peter hates being pulled away from the theater and if you have no reason for summoning him, he will steal your voice.

    How would you guys build him?

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    Sounds like a pretty basic Rank 1, maybe Rank 2 Ghost. Give him a custom Dread Power that lets him steal someones voice and you're good to go. Anchor seems to be the old movie theater. Give him a Bane related to how he died and a Ban related to something involving theater etiquette or something and run with it.


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      Sounds to me like one of his bans is having to appear when one of his movies is played on a vintage film projector.
      ​A possible bane might be playing one of his silent movies dubbed, either driving him away or you could make it another ban forcing him to destroy the film before any other action.
      ​The real question is how he died and just what the film being a talkie has to do with it.
      ​Was his voice unappealing? Did he learn that the director was planning on having someone else dub over him? Perhaps the movie was actually finished but test audiences and reviewers panned it, or worse laughed when he tried to deliver a dramatic line.
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        try this write up -
        Peter Marks
        The actor Peter Marks was an up and coming star of silent films in the 1920’s. He was born Piotr Markov in Russia and immigrated to the United States in his early twenties with dreams of making it in show business. Gifted with athleticism, good looks and a knack for drama and slapstick comedy, his first few films were wildly successful. However, when talking pictures began to replace the silent films, Peter’s thick Russian accent (which was never a problem before) became a hindrance, and his first role in a talking film was as a lowly henchman, rather than the leading men he played in the silent era. Peter was so embittered by this casting that he spent most of his time on set drinking and was killed while performing a vehicular stunt while intoxicated. He died dreaming of the thunderous applause he received from the showing of his first film, and cursing the invention that ruined his career. The film itself was edited and released to positive reviews, but has largely been forgotten.

        Rank 2[Ghost]
        Power 6 Finesse 4, Resistance 4, Willpower 8, Essence 15
        Corpus 9, Size 5, Initiative 8, Defense 4, Speed 15
        Virtue Talented, Vice Vainglory
        Aspiration: To gain the adoration of an audience.
        Influence: Anchor (Theatre) 2
        Ban: Discorporates if shown footage from his last film. Bane: Glass from a car built in the 1920’s.
        Manifestation: Image, Materialize, Twilight Form
        Numina: Curse (Mute)*, Hallucination, Rapture, Sign, Telekinesis

        Numina – Curse: The entity curses a target with a specific malady. An entity can typically only inflict one type of affliction, but examples include boils, disease, madness, spiritual malaise, and many others. The Numen costs 3 Essence, and the activation roll is contested by the victim’s Stamina or Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance. If the entity succeeds, in may impose a Condition or Tilt appropriate to its particular curse (such as Amnesia, Blind, Deafened, Madness, Mute, or Sick). The entity can also specify an outward sign of the Curse; typically a type of disfigurement, marking or scar. The Curse remains until the entity either removes it or is destroyed. Certain supernatural means may also be able to remove the curse.
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