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    My group and I are playing through a Chronicles of Darkness Game that is spanning Several different historical eras. The first few game sessions took place in Rome during the Empire's decline, then we played a dozen or so game sessions during the early years of the Hundred Year War.

    Currently we are half a dozen game sessions deep into 1773, and investigating a magical anomaly beneath an old church upon the top of Mount Mitchell, North Carolina.

    As we entered the mysterious underground complex the characters were overwhelmed by the craftsmanship and grander of this underground wonderland. not to mention the pretty blue light coming from the awe inspiring portal to some great unknown.

    As we investigated things more closely the various characters got separated in the complex, suffered from horrific hallucinations and strange encounters that involved everything from body horror to the voices of loved ones long since dead calling out from behind closed doors.

    Every time one of our characters would have such an encounter the Storyteller would ask us to draw from five cards, Each indivual Character had their own personalized set of Cards.....once you drew a Card you got to read the back. They were like Bad News Bears Fortune Cookies hand crafted to help ruin the existence of each Character in a personalized way.

    Possible Draws included things like.....

    You No Longer Have Any Memory of the Oaths of the Moon.

    You No longer Remember Your Progeny Ulric Von Kluase,

    You No Longer Remember Your Sire.

    Your Concept of what is appropriate behavior has reverted back to your days before Rome living as a Germanic Barbarian.

    You No Longer Remember that there is anything wrong with Shape Shifting in public.

    You no Longer Remember Why you are Here.

    As it turns out the portal was actually some hungry thing with ties to the Abyss that was empowering it's self by consuming the minds and memories who went near it.....which explains why previous research teams were never heard from again.

    As the group discovered more about the location, and less about themselves the illusion of graduer faded and the Characters found themselves in a dark place where everything had been made foul.....and then the Chuthulu like Tenticals erupted from the floors and walls in effort to try and toss the party into the Maw of the Portal.

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    That sounds like a really fun game. I'm impressed by your ST!